Best Charging Time For Nexon EV With Charging Options

Best Charging Time For Nexon EV

The Nexon EV is the complete electric version of the Tata Nexon Compact SUV. It has a lithium-ion battery pack having an eight-year/160,000km warranty. However, at present, this vehicle is only sold in selected cities and has priced at a premium to the standard petrol and diesel Nexon’s. This vehicle’s acceleration is brisk and everyday performance is more than sufficient for daily driving criteria.

Best Charging Time For Nexon EV With Charging Options

The Nexon EV contains a 3.2kW onboard charger. It converts the AC input supplied from the recommended 15 home sockets into Dc for the energy to be stored in the battery. About 3kW of power can be delivered to the private home chargers which are generally allowed to be used with up to 15 A a single-phase plug as per the Bharat EV Charger AC-001 standards. This makes sure that nearly 10 hours are needed to fully charge the Nexon EV with its 30.2 kWh battery pack from zero per cent to 100 per cent.

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Factors: Charging Nexon EV

  • The type of charger used is the DC chargers which are the best ones.
  • The maximum output of the charger. which is called charger-rated capacity.
  • The maximum capacity of the battery to be charged.
  • The suitable power at which the battery can be charged
  • The existing level and state of charge.
  • The battery temperature and charger temperature also plays an important role.

Vehicle Charging Options

  • Option 1: DC Charging – It takes nearly 1hr to charge the battery from 0- 80 percent. By taking a test of the charging time of the vehicle it has been shown that dropping the battery to 0 is not an easy task. So with some limited charge left you can drive at a time of 30 – 40 minutes.
  • Option 2: AC Charging – It takes 8 hours for a 20 – 100 percent charge in AC home charging 3.3kW charger.

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Fast Charging of Nexon EV

  • The vehicle can be charged even faster if it is having an onboard Charger with a higher AC input supporting the higher current flowing into the vehicle. Hence, the only option available to fast charge the Nexon EV is to completely bypass the onboard AC charger and supply power directly to the battery pack using a commercially installed DC fast charger and connecting the CCS DC charging port of the vehicle.
  • However, as the customers need a three-phase AC supply it becomes much more difficult for most residential and houses showing a higher number of charge cycles as well as delivering optimal range from a battery health perspective. So fast charging must be done only in unavoidable situations.

Charging Cost

  • The government of India has fixed Rs4.5 per unit for low tension charging of electric vehicles and Rs 5 per unit for high tension electric vehicles.
  • Based on the charging facility there would be a service charge also. So charging an electric vehicle costs between Rs 120 to Rs 150.

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The Nexon EV has the great benefit of being fully electric which causes no air pollution. We have provided a lot of information about the vehicle’s charging time, cost and fast charging. However, it is all about your choice and requirements to choose the electric vehicle, petrol vehicle or diesel vehicle.

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