What Is Green Number Plate & Process To Apply For It

Green Number Plate in India

Green Number Plate For Electric Vehicles

A special green number plate has been proposed by the Indian government for all the electric vehicles in the country. Now the central government asked the state transport departments to make it compulsory for all the electric vehicles to use green number plates without the consideration of the year in which they were bought.

What Is Green Number Plate & Process To Apply For It

This green number plate has the vehicle number mentioned in the white on the green color background. This license plate helps in providing preferential treatment to vehicles with no carbon emissions, like parking, free entry in congested are as as well as a concessional toll on highways.

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Launch of Green Number Plate in India

Last December 2020, the green number plate was introduced and all newly registered and existing electric owners got to avail this new scheme. A green bar which is present on the down of the left-hand side distinguishes the regular number plates from these. Otherwise the number plate remains white at the front and yellow at the rear.

Number Plate Working System

The current number plate system was introduced in the year 2021 but the system has changed many times over the years. This changes twice a year in March and September and consists of 6 letters. These letters refer to the region in the country where the vehicle was first registered. The 2nd number is the age identifier which informs about where the vehicle was first registered and the other 3 letters are chosen randomly.

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Process To Apply for Green Number Plate

To get a green number plate you have to apply for it at any registered number plate supplier as you do for other number plates. You have to give your proper details and ID for verification purposes so that you are allocated with a valid registration mark. To get a green number plate the most primary necessity is to have a vehicle of zero-emission.

Types Of Number Plates In India

Other than the green number plate many other number plates are allocated to the vehicles.

  • White Number Plate – This is the most common type of number plate having black letters on the white background plate.
  • Yellow Number Plate – This can be only used for commercial purposes having a black text pattern on the yellow background.
  • Black Number Plate – This number plate is popularly used in luxury hotel transport. For these vehicles, a driver can drive without having a commercial driving permit.
  • Red Number Plate – This number plate resembles that the vehicle is a new one and has a temporary vehicle registration plate, so it is afterwards replaced by a permanent one. This comes only for a one-month validity. The rules for this number plate vary from state to state. Although some of the states in India do not allow vehicles with temporary number plates to drive on the roads.
  • Blue Number Plate – This number plate is issued to a vehicle that has any authority to serve foreign diplomats. It is a blue color number plate having white letters on it. This number plate contains alphabets such as DC (Diplomatic corps) etc.
  • An Emblem of India in a Red Color Number Plate – It is a specialized member plate that has the emblem of India branded in golden color. Only the country’s top leaders are allowed to use this number plate.


You might have got a clear idea about what a green-colored number plate is and how to apply for it? Along with this, you have got fair information about the vehicle number plates and their significance. The main thing you should remember is to alter and tamper or to use the number plate with unclear letters is an offense. Therefore, make sure that you should keep your vehicle’s number plate in very good condition and secure your vehicle against unforeseen circumstances.

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