Apple Join Hands With Hyundai To Manufacture Self-Driven Car

Apple To Manufacture It's Self Driven Car

Talks have been happening all over the town that Apple is all set to manufacture it’s self-driven Car and is looking for automobile companies who would join hands with them to complete this star gazing missing of developing Apple’s self-driven cars in upcoming year’s and reportedly it’s been confirmed by CNBC that Hyundai is all set to help Apple for this mega cause.

Apple Join Hands With Hyundai To Manufacture Self-Driven Car

Moreover, the spokesperson of Hyundai Motor told to CNBC that no official statement has been declared yet as these discussions are on the ground state and nothing has been finalised yet by Hyundai. However, the probability of this merger is high because Hyundai is one of the best and leading automobile giants in the current scenario.

Soon this above-mentioned rumour was found to be true when the primary division of Korea Economic Daily confirmed that Apple had reached to join hands with Hyundai to work together on the development of an electric car and rechargeable batteries which would be used in those self-driven cars.

Despite all this confirmation and other news, an individual report published by Bloomberg

stated that Apple needs to work more on the expansion of self-driven cars as the progress is nowhere near to the production phase and it would take more than five years to develop such a huge technical giant. Moreover, the team working on this project should accelerate the project at a higher level because that’s when it’s possible to achieve this mission in the next five years.

Overall, all these rumours have been often making noise and several reports also indicate that ‘Tim Cook’ would release the theory regarding the new electric car in 2021 under the Project Titan whereas the other report by Reuters state that this concept would be launched in September 2024.

Moreover, Hyundai also states that the Bloomberg report is probably true and things would fall to place by then and Apple will manufacture its electric car as per that given timeline. So let’s just wait and see what happens next because current discussions are at the initial stage and manufacturing such a megastar would probably take time and it would be ready by the next 5 years!

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