Enable iMessage On iPhone, Check Top Features & Fix Connection Issues

Enable iMessage On iPhone

iMessage was launched in 2011 on iOS 5 and since then is quite famous amongst iOS users. The foremost advantages of using iMessage is that it’s end-to-end encrypted and all your messages are privately secured. Unlike SMS, it appears in blue bubbles and showcases message delivery confirmation. Apple Inc. also allows to merge the Apple Pay along with iMessage for sending and accepting payments which is an extremely beneficial feature. It’s like an alternative platform for financial transactions. So if until now you haven’t accessed iMessage despite being an iOS user then it’s a must to enable iMessage on iPhone and engage in meaningful conversations. You can also have a look at its interesting features to know what’s available on iMessage and implement the described solutions to fix iMessage if you encounter any errors.

Enable iMessage On iPhone, Check Top Features & Fix Connection Issues

Simple Steps To Enable iMessage On iPad, iPhone or Mac

Through iMessage iOS users can customize Memoji, send/receive text messages, play Gomoku, share media, etc. This service is free and is just like an SMS service. However, what makes iMessage different is the sharing of media, location, sending messages using multiple effects, etc. Before proceeding to enable this feature make sure you’re logged into your Apple account using your Apple username and password. If you’re a new user then first create a new Apple ID and then activate and use iMessage service.

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On iPad & iPhone

  • Step 1: Quickly navigate to iPhone Settings
  • Step 2: Tap on Messages from the list of options available on the screen
  • Step 3: Toggle the iMessage to the right if it’s not enabled and wait for a few seconds before using the iMessage feature

On Mac

  • Step 1: Tap on the “Messages” app icon from the desktop home screen
  • Step 2: Click on ‘Messages’ > Preferences > Accounts > iMessage account > Settings
  • Step 3: Tick mark “Enable this account” option visible below Apple ID. You can now use the iMessage service on Mac

9 Tips To Resolve iMessage Activation Error

If due to any minor inconvenience or technical glitch, you’re unable to activate iMessage then here are some tips for your guidance. However, we suggest you find the root cause first and then execute the solutions accordingly as it could be anything like a poor server, VPN activation, etc. In case nothing works out then reach Apple Support for help.

  • Assess Your Internet Connection: Having a secure and steady internet connection is a must to enable this feature. If you’re residing in a bad network zone and facing frequent data connectivity issues then you won’t be able to turn on iMessage on iPhone or other iOS devices.
  • Wait For 24 Hours: iMessage gets activated immediately but Apple suggests that users can make use of all the services only after 24 hours. It’s because iMessage includes multiple features that need to be processed after the activation.
  • Avoid Using VPN: Using VPN (Virtual Private Network) can restrict your iMessage services. You won’t be able to transfer or receive messages through iMessage if connected through a VPN network. Consider disabling it by following this procedure: Settings > General > VPN and then toggle the Status option to the right. Check after an hour or later if your iMessage service is working efficiently.
  • Adjust Date & Time: During device restart sometimes date & time settings get misconfigured due to which iMessages and other services violate on iOS devices. To fix this, you need to update the correct date & time from the Settings option. You can also opt for the “Set Automatically” option so that it gets updated daily.
  • Restart iMessage: A basic and quick fix that will quickly settle your problem. You need to disable it from Settings and restart it after 30 seconds. Chances are higher that iMessage will work smoothly after you turn it off and enable it again.
  • Deactivate Airplane Mode: Enabling Airplane mode hinders text and media conversations via iMessage. Swipe up the Control Panel and click on the iMessage to d isable it. After a while, send a message to someone from your recent contacts and check if it’s getting delivered or not. If it does then the problem is resolved. Your iMessage will also get activated if Airplane mode is disabled on your device.
  • Use Different Internet Connection: To use iMessage you need a robust connection. If your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection is poor then ask for a mobile hotspot from your friend or switch to another WiFi connectivity. Try activating your iMessage and if it does then the problem was with the previous data connection. Talk with your network provider regarding this issue and get it fixed soon.
  • Update Latest OS: Apple Inc. launches new updates regularly for bug improvements. Using an old iOS version will interrupt iMessage and all the other major services on your iOS device. Henceforth, it’s recommended to update the OS regularly for smooth performance.
  • Network Settings Reconfiguration: Restarting the iOS device changes network settings as all the old Wi-Fi connections, passwords, and additional settings get changed. To resolve this, navigate to Settings and tap on Reset Network Settings to resolve the iMessage activation and usage error.

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Top 10 iMessage Features Which Makes It Popular

As iMessage is an in-built iOS feature it’s embedded with versatile features and some of them are quite popular amongst iOS users. Here are some of them which make this service popular and stand out of the crowd.

  • Add Effects To Text Messages: During birthdays, wedding anniversaries, or other unique occasions you can add Bubble or Screen effects to the conversation and make the other person feel special.
  • Unsend or Modify Your Messages: By holding a message and choosing the Edit prompt, wrong or incomplete messages can be edited on iMessage. After tapping on the Edit option, you need to tap on the Blue icon to confirm changes.
  • Selective Reply: Swipe on a particular message to reply. This avoids confusion if you’re talking about multiple topics with one person at the same time. You can reply to specific messages in group conversations too.
  • Select, Drag & Send Media: Avoid the hassle of sending media individually on iMessage. All you have to do is, choose the media you want to share and drag it to the contact with whom you want to share.
  • Tag Your Friends: You can tag your friends in group conversations if you don’t want them to skip out on important messages. Just write the message and type their name which will appear in different colours. Tap on their contact card and their name will change to a tag about which they’ll be notified on their iMessage.
  • Filter Your Messages: Go to Settings > Messages > Filter Unknown Senders and avoid receiving promotional/spam/junk messages on your number
  • Undo Messages By Shaking: If accidentally you’ve sent a wrong message to someone but they haven’t seen it yet then there’s an option to undo that message. Simply shake your phone and tap on the ‘Undo’ prompt to remove that message.
  • Send Handwritten Messages: This feature is worth using if you’re high on emotions and want to express love, care, and happiness with someone you share a deep connection with. Handwritten messages can be written through Apple Pencil or just by your fingers. There are multiple colours also available to write beautiful messages.
  • Expressive Tapbacks: Tapbacks are an ingenious way to quickly respond to messages without typing. They offer a convenient and expressive way to react to messages in an instant, adding a personal touch to your conversations.
  • Stickers and Emoji Galore: iMessage provides an extensive collection of stickers and emojis that can help you express emotions, thoughts, and reactions with flair.


iMessage has changed the entire communication medium just like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat. Apart from sharing your favourite media, you can track flights, shift your keyboard, etc, and also use all the other features listed above. You just require a powerful internet connection and can use iMessage 24*7 effortlessly. If not connected to a good internet connection then your iMessage will get delivered as a text message. So always check your data before utilising this service and for a feasible conversation experience.

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