Apple Watch Won’t Turn On (TOP 7 Solutions)

Apple Watch Won’t Turn On (TOP 7 Solutions)

Are you stuck with an Apple Watch that refuses to turn on when you press a button and repeatedly tap the screen? There are numerous reasons if your Apple Watch Won’t Turn On. It could be a low battery or a sudden crash of the watch software that does not let the watch boot up. The Apple Watch Won’t Turn On problem can occur due to hardware issues as well.

Apple Watch Won’t Turn On (TOP 7 Solutions)

You guys don’t need to worry because in the upcoming section we have described some easy solutions that will help you to unravel the matter of Apple Watch Won’t Turn On.

FIX Apple Watch Won’t Turn On

Solution 1: Force restart your Apple Watch

Force restart has long been the first step in solving this issue.
Step 1: Press and hold the Side Button and the Digital Crown at the same time until you see the Apple logo on the screen.
Step 2: Release both buttons when the Apple logo appears on your Apple Watch.

Note: Hold down both the buttons for 20 seconds or more!

Your Apple Watch will turn on again shortly after.

Solution 2: Make sure the Power Reserve is not Turned On

When new people get their first Apple Watch, they sometimes put it into power reserve mode thinking that their Apple Watch won’t turn on. Power Reserve is a feature, which disables all other features except the current time and extends the battery life of your Apple Watch.
When your Apple Watch is in Power Reserve Mode follow these steps to turn off the mode:
Step 1: Press and hold the Side button until the Apple logo is displayed on the screen.
When your Apple Watch restarts, it is no longer in power reserve mode.

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Solution 3: Put your Apple Watch on a charger

Your Apple Watch battery may be too low and cannot be turned on due to a low battery.
Step 1: Put your smartwatch on a charger and let it charge for a while.
Step 2: As soon as the smartwatch has enough power, it will start automatically.
If your Apple Watch turns on and runs normally, you’re good to go.

Solution 4: Erase your Apple Watch and re-pair with iPhone

Wondering why you should erase the Apple Watch if it won’t turn on? The reason for this is that it is a comprehensive solution. So, go for this radical yet reliable troubleshooting solution to solve your Apple Watch not turning on problem.
Step 1: Primarily, pair your Apple Watch with iPhone
Step 2: Then navigate to the Watch app on your iPhone.
Step 3: Then tap on the ‘General’ option
Step 4: Scroll down and tap Reset.
Step 5: Then erase all settings and content with a single tap.
Step 6: Post removing your Apple Watch, reconnect it to your iPhone.
If the watch wasn’t responding or the screen was dead due to a software bug, a reboot will usually fix it and your watch would be back on the setup screen and will pair feasibly again.

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Solution 5: Disabling VoiceOver and Screen Curtain

One of the less visible features of your Apple Watch is the Screen Curtain, which turns off the screen of your Apple Watch even when the Apple Watch is on. When the screen curtain is on, you can only navigate your Apple Watch with VoiceOver.

To turn off the Screen Curtain:
Step 1: On your iPhone, open the Watch app and click on the General> Accessibility> VoiceOver.
Step 2:

Then turn off the switch next to the screen curtain.
You will know when the switch is off when it’s on the left panel of the screen.

When VoiceOver is turned on it turns on the screen curtain. If you don’t use or need VoiceOver, I would recommend turning it off as well to prevent Screen Curtain from turning back on.

To turn off VoiceOver:
On your iPhone go back to the Watch app and tap General> Accessibility> VoiceOver.
Then turn off the switch next to VoiceOver at the top of the screen.
Deactivate Apple Watch VoiceOver

Solution 6: Check your Apple Watch’s charging cable

If your Apple Watch won’t turn on, try charging it with a few different magnetic charging cables and a few different chargers (your computer’s USB port, a wall charger, etc. ). If you find that your Apple Watch is not charging with a specific charger or charger, there is a problem with that cable or charger, not your Apple Watch.
If you have a problem with your Apple Watch’s magnetic charging cable, if your Apple Watch is covered by AppleCare +, you may be able to replace it for free. Take it to your local Apple Store and see if they can replace it for you.

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Solution 7: Contact Repair Center

If your Apple Watch still won’t turn on, a hardware problem may be causing the problem. Apple watches often fail to turn on after being dropped or exposed to water. When the screen is dead, the watch can sometimes start but you don’t see anything on the screen. Sometimes the battery also needs to be replaced and the faulty battery may not allow the clock to start properly. Therefore, without wasting time, you should go to a reliable Apple Watch repair centre.

Additional Solutions for Apple Watch won’t turn on issue

Perhaps your smartwatch is cluttered due to lack of space; redundant photos (which you synced from your iPhone) and a large amount of music stored on your Apple Watch, along with a plethora of useless apps, can have clogged storage. Knowing that overloaded storage tends to cause a lot of problems, including unexpected battery drain and overheating, cleaning your Apple Watch would be a good place to be.
To tidy up your Apple Watch, delete anything that has been unnecessarily stored in your device’s precious memory. After the smartwatch has been cleaned, it will work properly.
Remember that the problem could also be due to outdated software. In this case, you can solve the problem simply by updating watchOS through Settings – General – Software update.

Conclusion about Apple Watch won’t turn on issue

The hard work by our research team in finding out the best and creative fixes to answer why Apple Watch won’t turn on is explained thoroughly with appropriate wordings from official references to save you time, effort, and money. If none of the methods troubleshoots the discussed problem, the reason might be the defect in the hardware. Therefore, we suggest you visit any Apple Centre and fix it as soon as possible to prevent your device and data from other damage.

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