Apple Watch stuck on Apple logo (4 BEST Fix)

Apple Watch stuck on Apple logo

At times, your Apple watch does not respond appropriately and you find Apple Watch stuck on Apple logo for an hour or even more than that. The logo flashes either continuously or at intervals. It indicates that your Apple Watch is not completing the boot-up procedure. In this article, you’ll get some easy solutions that you can apply to resolve the Apple Watch stuck on Apple logo issue.

Apple Watch stuck on Apple logo (4 BEST Fix)

But before knowing fixes for Apple Watch stuck on Apple logo, firstly you need to know the specific cause that is responsible for Apple Watch stuck on Apple logo issue. Maybe the update of iOS went wrong and made your Apple watch unusable. The second reason could be the clogged-up storage. Apart from these, random glitches in the software can also stuck the Apple logo on the display screen of your Apple watch. Considering every possible factor that creates this problem, we have mentioned some possible fixes that are easily understandable and will resolve this issue.

Apple Watch stuck on Apple logo Fix

Method 1: Apple Watch Hard Reset

It is a preferred solution that can fix this common problem. This reliable technique is simple to apply and there is no risk of data loss, therefore; there’s no harm to try it out.
Step 1: Simultaneously press and hold on to the side buttons and digital crown for up to a few seconds.
Step 2: If the watch starts over normally, you have successfully resolved the problem.
If you want to update your watch, check its storage space.
Step 1: Open the app ‘Watch’ on your iPhone.
Step 2: Go to the option of ‘General’ and then ‘Storage’.
If you observe mixed-up storage, remove the unnecessary data like certain photos, music, etc. After removing it, you can update your watch.

Method 2: Reconnect the Watch with your iPhone

If the above method does not work for you, try this alternative. This option will remove all your saved data and media and you have to reset the device. But there is no need to worry. The WatchOS backup the complete data on its own while applying this method. Afterwards, you can restore the backup data while setting up your Apple watch.
Step 1:

From the home screen button, go to the ‘Settings’ application.
Step 2: Search for the option of ‘General’ and select it.
Step 3: Choose the option of ‘Reset’.
Step 4: Tap on ‘Erase All Content and Settings’ option.
Step 5: Select ‘My Watch’ present on the Watch application of your iPhone.
Step 6: Select the ‘Information button’ present beside the watch and disconnect your watch.
Everything has now turned to be new. Now you can pair up your watch with your phone.

Method 3: Restart the Apple Watch

Step 1: Press and hold on to the side button unless the toggle of ‘Slide to power off’ is displayed.
Step 2: Switch off the phone by sliding it towards power off.
Step 3: Switch on your phone by pressing and holding on to the side button again.

Method 4: Find My Watch

Step 1: Go to the ‘My Watch’ application on your iPhone.
Step 2: Select the ‘MY Watch’ tab.
Step 3: Choose ‘Watch’ located on the top of your phone’s screen.
Step 4: Click on the ‘Information’ icon present next to the Apple watch stuck on Apple logo.
Step 5: Click on ‘Find My Apple Watch’ to open it.
Step 6: Select ‘Play Sound’. Your Apple Watch will start playing any audio.
Step 7: Get the watch and stop the audio. Check if the Apple logo disappears or not. If it does not appear, then it’s the prior indication that your problem has been fixed with ease.

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Conclusion for Apple Watch stuck on Apple logo

The study by our research team has described the superlative and resourceful fixes to deal with the issue of Apple watch stuck on Apple logo by amplifying every concerned detail thoroughly with appropriate wordings from official references to save you time, effort, and money. If none of the methods troubleshoots the Apple Watch stuck on Apple logo problem, the reason might be the defect in the hardware. Therefore, we suggest you visit any Apple Centre and fix it as soon as possible to prevent your device and data from other damage. Contact us to gain more information regarding any technical issue.

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