MacBook Pro Charging (BEST Guide) : 7 Solutions to Fix the Problem

MacBook Pro Charging (BEST Guide)

Are you facing issues with the MacBook Pro Charging? Wondering why won’t your MacBook charge? Read this blog to find out the BEST solutions for all your MacBook Pro Charging problems.

MacBook Pro Charging (BEST Guide) : 7 Solutions to Fix the Problem

Why won’t your MacBook Pro Charge?

The MacBook battery only lasts about 1000 cycles. After that, Apple will consider the battery to be dead, which means that it may no longer be able to be charged.

If your MacBook battery is dead, its power cord will not be able to charge it. Unless you pay to change the battery, all you can do is use your MacBook when it’s plugged in. However, some users find that their MacBook says “Not charged” even when the battery is fine. This problem can be raised due to a faulty power cord, damaged system settings, or even dirt in the charging port. Your MacBook battery may not charge even when you use the AC adapter as the power source.

7 Solutions to Fix the MacBook Pro Charging Problem

Solution 1: Check the battery status of your MacBook

  • Hold down the Option key and click the battery icon in the menu bar to view the battery status of your MacBook.
  • Press and hold to check battery status in the menu bar.

To find out how many cycles you have implied follow the steps mentioned below:

  • In the menu bar click the Apple icon and open the About This Mac window.
  • Tap on the ‘System Report’ and then scroll down and select ‘Power’ from the sidebar.
  • Find the battery cycle count in the system report.
  • For a more detailed breakdown of your MacBook’s battery health, use Coconut Battery.

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Solution 2: Use the Correct Power Adapter

Apple manufactures MacBook power adapters in a variety of sizes to accommodate the different batteries in each computer. At times, when the power adapter is too small for the Macbook then it wouldn’t support the charging facility. Look at the text in the square section of the adapter to find out which adapter you have.
It’s okay to use a larger power adapter than your MacBook needs because it could even charge your Mac faster.

Solution 3: System Management Controller resetting

The System Management Controller (SMC) in your Mac is the part of the logic board that controls how it operates with power. Occasionally, you will encounter issues with the SMC that could cause your Mac to stop charging, stop turning on, randomly shutting down, or display and other power-related issues.
You can reset the SMC to fix these problems without risking data loss on your Mac. Just follow the instructions below for your particular model:

  • MacBook Models having a T2 Security Chip
  • To find out if your Mac is using a T2 security chip, open the Apple menu and go to About This Mac> System Report.
  • Then select Controller in the sidebar.
  • Apple’s T2 chip will appear at the top of the screen if your Macbook comprises it.
  • Then, reset the SMC on a MacBook with a T2 chip.
  • Shut down the MacBook by going to Apple and click Shut Down.
  • Hold down Ctrl (left) + Option (left) + Shift (right).
  • Press and hold these buttons for seven seconds, then press and hold the Power button as well.
  • After another seven seconds, release all four buttons.
  • Wait a minute, and then restart your Mac as usual.
  • MacBook Models without Security Chip T2
  • If your MacBook has a removable battery, remove the battery and press and hold the power button for 5 seconds. Then reinsert the
  • battery and restart your Mac to reset the SMC.
  • Primarily, shut down your MacBook by going to Apple> Shut Down.
  • Hold down Shift (left) + Ctrl (left) + Option (left).
  • Hold down these buttons, then press and hold the Power button as well.
  • After ten seconds, release all four buttons. Wait a minute. Then restart your Mac as usual.

Solution 4: Check your adapter and charging port

Even with the correct power adapter for your MacBook, a physical problem can explain your MacBook Pro Charging issue. Unplug your adapter and examine its full length closely for any signs of damage. If your adapter is damaged, replace it with a new one and see if that solves the problem. If it’s not damaged, try connecting it to another Mac to see if it also says “Not Charged” on that Mac.

Frayed Lightning Cable on iPhone

Your MacBook cable can fray, as it is known from Apple Lightning cables.
You should also check the charging port of your MacBook. The USBC port on your MacBook may be loose or obstructed by dirt. Any of these problems could explain MacBook Pro Charging problem.

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Solution 5: Pull out your MagSafe adapter horizontally

The latest MacBook models use a USBC port for charging. But for years, as a charging port, Apple used its proprietary MagSafe adapter. This ingenious design connects and detaches with a magnet. So you will never accidentally trip over the power cord and take your MacBook off the desk.

  • MacBook Charger Not Connected
  • Pull out the MagSafe cable while disconnecting it.

Before doing this, mount your MacBook making sure that the cable does not pass.

Solution 6: Update your MacBook Pro

If your MacBook still won’t charge, the problem is likely due to a software problem. Sometimes with a power adapter, Apple releases macOS updates to improve communication. Try updating the operating system if it is available for your current version of macOS.
Follow these steps

  • Start the system setup and click Software Update.
  • If your MacBook has the latest macOS update, download and install it as usual.

Solution 7: Contact Pro repair centre

If none of the above solutions works, the problem is likely with your MacBook Pro’s DC connector or some other hardware-related problem that requires expert help that you can’t solve at home. It’s time to contact a MacBook Pro repair centre.

Conclusion for MacBook Pro Charging

Here are many solutions to fix MacBook Pro Charging problem but it would be better if you consider the number of cycles MacBook can be charged and follow the limit. These fixes do not let you deal further with the issue of MacBook pro charging. If no fixes work for MacBook Pro Charging problem then it’s high time to contact the MacBook pro repair centre.

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