iPad Screen Not Responding To Touch (TOP Fix)

iPad Screen Not Responding to Touch (TOP Fix) (1)

Is your iPad Screen Not Responding to Touch? The iPad is the best and convenient device for users due to its outstanding performance. When it comes to touch sensitivity and superior clarity, the iPad Pro’s retina display stands out as the best product. It’s also impressive in terms of durability. However, the retina displays response problems. If you have a problem with the iPad Screen Not Responding to Touch, we have reviewed some proven solutions to fix the problem.

iPad Screen Not Responding To Touch (TOP Fix)

If your iPad screen Not Responding to Touch and seems completely frozen or too slow to respond to your touch, try these troubleshooting fixes.

Reasons behind iPad Screen Not Responding to Touch

There are many reasons why you may have problems with the Apple iPad touch screen. Below we have discussed some of the prominent causes for iPad Screen Not Responding to Touch.

  • Dust or dirt on your screen
  • Moisture on your hands
  • Obstruction of your case or screen protector
  • Extreme temperature changes
  • Outdated operating system
  • Charger or other accessories interference
  • Usual fixes for iPad Touch Not Working

FIX iPad Screen Not Responding to Touch

Solution 1: Force reboot your iPad

The process begins with restarting your device which often solves common problems of the frozen screen.

If your iPad has a home button:

Step 1: Press and hold the top and home buttons at the same time.
Step 2: As soon as you see the Apple logo release both buttons.

If your iPad lacks a home button:

Step 1: Press, hold and release the volume up button.
Step 2: Press and release the volume down button along with this press and hold the top button.
Step 3: When you see the Apple logo, release the top button.

Solution 2: Clean iPad screen (and hands)

Not only can dust and dirt make your iPad difficult to see, but they can also make it unresponsive to touch.
After turning off your device, use a microfiber cloth to clean the screen.
Your cloth can be dry or slightly damp with an equal mixture of distilled water and 70% isopropyl alcohol.
However, do not use household cleaners as they can damage your device.
Also, make sure to keep your hands clean and dry while using your iPad.
The touch screen may not respond if your fingers are wet.

Solution 3: Remove the case and screen protector

Screen protectors, especially if they are cracked or peeled, will not allow your iPad to function properly. Try removing all the protective materials from your device to see if that resolves your iPad Screen Not Responding to Touch problem.

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Solution 4: Avoid Extreme Temperature

IPads don’t work well in extreme hot or cold temperatures. Your tablet may display a warning if its temperature rises above a certain level. You can’t use it until it cools down, so find a suitable place for it.

Solution 5: Check Software Updates

An outdated operating system may prevent the touch screen from working properly.
To download the latest version of iPad OS do the following:
Step 1: Settings> General> Software Update.
Step 2: Follow the instructions to download and install it if an update is available.

Solution 6: Disconnect all Cables

Disconnect all headphone, Lightning, or USB C cables from your iPad. If the display works again, a cable, charger, or electrical outlet may be defective.

Solution 7: Rotation Problems

Also, the issues you are having are likely related to the screen not rotating or rotating when you don’t want it to. If this seems to be the case, check the orientation lock setting.

Step 1: Swipe up from the bottom of the iPad screen to open the Control Center.
Step 2: You should see a rotary lock icon.
Step 3: Tilt it.
Step 4: Try flipping the side switch on the tablet back and forth multiple times if you have an iPad Air 1 or earlier.

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Solution 7: Do a factory reset on your iPad

If you’ve tried everything else and your iPad’s touch screen still isn’t working, this should be your last resort. Before you begin, log out of the Find My application and connect your iPad to your computer. A factory reset will erase your data.

Here are the steps to backup your device and then reset it.

On a Mac with macOS Mojave 10.14 or a PC:

Step 1: Open iTunes.
Step 2: In the upper left corner click on the iPad icon.
Step 3: Then click on Summary and then click Backup.
Step 4: Click Restore iPad, when the backup is complete.
Step 5: Click Restore again to confirm.
Step 6: Now data will be erased and the iPad gets restarted.

On a Mac having macOS Catalina 10.15:

Step 1: Open the Finder.
Step 2: Under Locations in the left column click the iPad icon.
Step 3: Click General, then click Back up all your iPad data to this Mac.
Step 4: Click backup now.
Step 5: When the backup is complete, click Restore iPad.
Step 6: Click Restore again to confirm.
Step 7: Then the iPad will erase all data and will restart again.

Check whether it’s working properly and the iPad Screen Not Responding to Touch issue has been resolved or not.

Conclusion about iPad Screen Not Responding to Touch

Many users have encountered iPad Screen Not Responding to Touch problem with their iPad screen suddenly freezing and no matter how hard they try, it does not respond to taps or swipes. The screen will not be working and the device is stuck and practically unusable. Most of the time, fixing a frozen screen is very easy, and in this article, we have listed some simple steps that you should try to fix the issue. Please note that this article only gives solutions to unresponsive displays, not the broken displays, etc.

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