iPhone slow on WiFi (Causes & Best Solutions)

iPhone slow on WiFi (Causes & Best Solutions)

Discussions regarding the iPhones are usually related to the camera quality, privacy features, water-resistance properties, etc. but the most basic topic is either ignored or rarely discussed i.e. performance of the iPhone when connected to any Wi-Fi. Many of you must have once faced the issue of the iPhone slow on WiFi which later gets disconnected automatically. This common issue of iPhone slow on WiFi is not for any particular model of the iPhone.

iPhone slow on WiFi (Causes & Best Solutions)

There is some issue that is making your Wi-Fi connection slow on your phone. In this article, we will share the reasons and the solutions for iPhone slow on WiFi.

Reasons for iPhone slow on WiFi

There is not just a single cause that lead to iPhone slow on WiFi; N number of reasons affects the speed in one or another way. Such as:

  • Type of connection used { LTE, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi}
  • Strength of connection
  • Activity type
  • Type of browser used
  • Enabled firewalls, VPN, or Proxies, if any?
  • Model of iPhone
  • Version of iOS

These were a few reasons that could cause iPhone slow on WiFi issue.

Fixing iPhone slow on WiFi problem

The sequence of the following methods goes in the order of problem complexity and easy access to the solutions.
Let’s understand each of them thoroughly to solve iPhone slow on WiFi problem.

Method 1: OFF and ON of Wi-Fi

To begin with, switch off and on your phone’s Wi-Fi connection and restart your phone. It has worked for many Phone users. Give it a try and check if it worked for you or not?

Step 1: Look for the ‘Settings’ and select Wi-Fi.
Step 2: Turn it off, toggle, and restart your phone.

iPhone Restart with Face ID:

Step 1: Simultaneously press and hold on to the side and volume up or down button.
Step 2: Shut down your phone by dragging the slider to power off.

iPhone Restart with Home or touch ID button:

Step 1: Simultaneously press and hold on to the side and volume up or down button.
Step 2: Shut down your phone by dragging the slider to power off.

Method 2: iPhone Hard Reset Process

A quite reliable method to troubleshoot the issue of iPhone slowness on Wi-Fi. We will go through the process of hard rest for each model of iPhone.

iPhone 8 or later:

Step 1: Hold the volume up button and after that volume down button.
Step 2: Press the side button until the Apple logo is displayed.

iPhone 7/7 plus:

Step 1: Hold the side down button.
Step 2:

Press the volume down button until the Apple logo is displayed.

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iPhone 6s or earlier:

Step 1: Press and hold on the side and power button unless the Apple logo appears.
After rebooting your iPhone, check if the Wi-Fi connection is working at a normal speed. If it does not work normally, switch to some other listed method.

Method 3: Reset the Wi-Fi connection

Step 1: From the home button, go to the ‘Settings’.
Step 2: Open the Wi-Fi option.
Step 3: Click on the ‘i’ button present on the right side of the Wi-Fi name.
Step 4: Select ‘Forget the network’.
Step 5: Reconnect with the same Wi-Fi by entering the correct password again if it is a protected one.

Method 4: Reset the settings of your network

Step 1: From the home button, go to the ‘Settings’.
Step 2: Choose ‘General reset’ and then ‘Reset Network Settings.
Step 3: Reconnect the iPhone with the available Wi-Fi network.
Step 4: Watch any video in an online mode or browse anything you want to check if the Wi-Fi is working properly.

Method 5: Software Update

If none of the methods is working for you, go for the software update option. Updating your phone’s iOS version can fix bugs and improve performance. To update the software:

Step 1: From the home button, go to the ‘Settings’.
Step 2: Choose ‘General’ and then ‘software update’.
Step 3: Download and install your iPhone’s iOS newest version.

Method 6: iPhone Repair Centre

If you fail to fix the iPhone Slow issue via these methods then contact any trustworthy and reputed repair centre of the iPhone because the issue might be in the hardware system. Don’t delay, as it might create a huge problem in the future.

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Conclusion for iPhone slow on WiFi

Instead of spending your money on a technician to fix the error iPhone slow on Wi-Fi, try our given methods that are explained in an easy language with specific directions to make you understand everything in a single go. The representation of our tech methods to fix any tech error is done with clear and simple steps studied from the official sources to avoid complicating things. If something continues to bother you, don’t worry! Just browse our website, whenever needed.

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