iPhone 7 won’t turn on (Reasons & BEST Fix)

iPhone 7 won't turn on (Reasons & BEST Fix)

There are numerous reasons if your iPhone 7 won’t turn on. It could be a low battery or a sudden crash of the iPhone 7 software that does not let the phone boot up. The problem can occur due to hardware issues as well. This article will cover the reasons and best fix if your iPhone 7 won’t turn on.

iPhone 7 won't turn on (Reasons & BEST Fix)

Reason why iPhone 7 won’t turn on

The reasons why iPhone 7 won’t turn on aren’t fixed. It can be one or the other. For instance, the possible reasons can be the crash of software, damaged screen, Apple logo getting stuck while the phone is booting up that somehow provokes the screen of your iPhone to turn black.

iPhone 7 won’t turn on – FIX

If there is no noticeable reason for your iPhone not getting turned on, maybe there are slight issues with the firmware. If your phone has faced any liquid or physical damage, take help from Apple technical department. But before approaching them, try the mentioned methods to bring your phone back to life.

Method 1: Verification of the system crash

Step 1: Simultaneously hold on to the power key and volume down button for 15-20 seconds.
Step 2: If your phone has sufficient battery to turn on the device, the Apple logo will be displayed.
Step 3: After this, discharge both the keys and wait for the complete phone reboot.
This process is known as ‘soft reset’. It is hardwired in your phone. When you press and hold on to the applicable keys, the phone restarts. If your phone still doesn’t respond, go with the next methods.

Method 2: Sufficient battery status to power up the elements

If your iPhone 7 does not respond even after applying the soft reset method, the reason might be an insufficient level of the battery. For this, charge your phone for at least 10 minutes.

The charger plugin will charge your iPhone 7 but the next thing to determine is if your phone responds after detecting the flow of current via circuits.

If your phone does not respond, maybe the battery or some other element of your phone is damaged. At times, there are chances of improper charging.

If so then follow the steps below for resolving this issue at the earliest.

Step 1: Check if there is any physical breakage of the charging cable.
Step 2: Check the charger port for certain debris, corrosion, and lint that deter charging.
Step 3: Check if the charging pins are bent or not.
Step 4: Check your phone charging port is covered with corrosion or debris.
Step 5: Use some other charger.

Method 3: Liquid or Physical damage check

If you have mistakenly dipped your phone in water or made it fall heavily.
Physical damage can be easily detected if your phone has a crack or a dent outside. Damage caused due to liquid is quite difficult to find out. If your phone isn’t working properly after getting dipped in the water, then it might be liquid damage.
The IP67 rating gives the insurance of no liquid damage if dipped in water for a short time. Still, there are chances of your phone suffering from liquid damage. So you need to stay careful while handling your phone.

Method 4: Apple tech assistance

After trying the above 3 methods if your iPhone 7 won’t turn on, then you need to call the Apple technicians to resolve your issue.
You can visit any Apple store and discuss your issue with any technician. They’ll advise you if your phone is repairable or not depending upon the damage caused.

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Conclusion for iPhone 7 won’t turn on

Dealing with electronic items isn’t easy. You need to stay careful while handling them and need to learn the ways to troubleshoot the minor issues instead of visiting any technician. If the problem is a major one, then only we suggest you visit the store to fix it. The mentioned methods are tried and tested and give a positive result unless the damage is a major one.

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