MacBook Pro Not Turning On (BEST FIX)

MacBook Pro Not Turning On FIX

There are numerous justifications for your MacBook Pro not turning on or isn’t starting up and probably you wish to make it work again. In this article, we will be sharing some useful methods that will boot up your device if MacBook Pro is Not Turning On and it will start functioning again. The presented solutions are applied to the newest version of the macOS. The difference in OS will bring out some minute differences in the interfaces and menu but the functions will remain the same. Likewise, if you have the M1 mac version, then there might be differences in some functions too such as the start-up process in safe or recovery mode.

MacBook Pro Not Turning On (BEST FIX)

But first, we’ll discuss some simplistic advice to make your MacBook work again like checking for a proper connection of the power, conducting a power cycle, start-up process in the recovery mode, and file system checkup. If your mac still does not work, we’ll also share the steps that you can implement for fixing MacBook Pro Not Turning On FIX  issue.

MacBook Pro Not Turning On FIXES

Mac also faces many issues such as not responding to the power button, failure in the start-up process, or the OS might crash. Go through the methods listed below and deal with the MacBook Pro Not Turning On problem.

Your Mac is either not responding after pressing the power button or it fails to boot up, scroll down to the section of recovery mode.

Method 1: Power Assurance

Make sure that your Mac is connected with the power supply.
Swap out the cable or charger or try some other power outlet. Maybe the charger is damaged.
If your Mac is not charged, after connecting it to the power source, wait for some time and then turn it on.
The bootup process will not start immediately after it turns on.

Method 2: Hardware Check

While using a Mac desktop, check for proper and well-seated cables.
For Example: While using a Mac mini you need to check a secure connection of video-out-cable with the display and Mac mini.
Step 1: Reset the cables.
Step 2: Unplug, and then plugin again for a secure connection.
There are chances of fiddling with the cables of Mac after its use which creates a problem.
For Example RAM installation or hard drive swapping and then swapping it again for a secure sitting of components in the Mac.
If nothing works for you, unplug every unnecessary peripheral before you try to boot up your Mac.

Method 3: Power Cycle

Are you dealing with a frozen screen of your Mac that isn’t responding to any power presses? Resolve it with the power cut and then a force restart.

If you have a modern MacBook that does not have a removable battery then follow the steps mentioned below for resolving the issue.
Step 1: Press and hold on to the power button for up to 10 seconds.
Step 2: If the Mac works, a power cut will happen and then a force restart will occur.

For mac desktops such as Mac mini, iMac, or Mac Pro

Step 1: Unplug it for 10 seconds.
Step 2: Plugin again.

For the older version of Mac that has a detachable battery

Step 1: Switch it off
Step 2: Unplug it
Step 3: Detach the battery and wait for up to 10 seconds.
Step 4: Reinsert it.

Method 4: SMC Firmware Reset

At times you need to reset the SMC Firmware i.e. System Management Controller Firmware. This is the last option to deal with the issue of Macbook pro not turning on even after pressing and holding on to the power button.

For MacBook with detachable batteries

Step 1: Simultaneously press the ‘Shift+Control+Option’ keys along with the power button and hold them all down.
Step 2: Release each button altogether.
Step 3: Turn on the mac by pressing the power button.

For Mac desktop with no batteries

Step 1: Unplugging the power cord of the Mac for up to 15 seconds.
Step 2: Plugin and wait for up to 5 seconds.
Step 3: Turn on the mac by pressing the power button.

For MacBook with detachable batteries

Step 1: Unplug your Mac from the power source and detach its battery.
Step 2: Press and hold on to the power button for up to 5 seconds.
Step 3: Insert the battery in the MacBook and after releasing the power button.
Step 4: Turn it on by pressing the power button again.

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Conclusion for MacBook Pro Not Turning On

These fixes do not let you deal further with the issue of Macbook pro not turning on’ Stay calm and follow the given steps properly with an appropriate sequence. The collected information is from different official websites of Apple. Now you don’t need to browse different sites as everything can be seen here.

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