Apple Policies: When Will Apple Stop Supporting iPhone 7

When Will Apple Stop Supporting iPhone 7

Is it logical to ask When will Apple stop supporting iPhone 7? Well, if you think it is then you are right. Anyone who paid for an iPhone 7 must have thought about it at least once. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer it or not but in the end this is the modus operandi of Apple. After the launch of a new model, they just draw the curtain on the previous one. It means that they just stopped supporting the product they launched previously. If you are an iPhone 7 user, do not think that this day might come soon. When Apple launches its new model, the rates of buying the previous one decrease because customers need a great smartphone at a low cost that’s why Apple keeps discounted phones in stock for a limited time. In this article we will be discussing about various aspects on ‘When Will Apple Stop Supporting iPhone 7 ?

Apple Policies: When Will Apple Stop Supporting iPhone 7

When Will Apple Stop Financing The Discounted Phones?

Every one or the other year Apple launches their new model of phone. Every release increases the sale of the previous model in the market rapidly because customers are attracted more towards a smart, efficient, and sophisticated gadget. The policies of the company restrict the support to any iPhone for 5 years at max after the sale discontinues. 5 years haven’t elapsed yet for the iPhone version you are presently using. Apple still supports your iPhone model. You can see the confirmation of 5 years of service after the discounted sale on the official website of Apple. The support includes free service and replacement parts sales.

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Duration Of Supporting iPhone 7

The release of the iPhone 7 & 7 plus was in the year 2016. Later on, iPhone 8, iPhone 11, 11 pro, 11 pro max, XR, XS, & XS Max were launched by the company. The last day of the sale for the iPhone 7 by the company was on 10th September 2019. It’s been more than a year since the company sold out the last piece of the iPhone 7.

For three years the company sold out iPhone 7 in the market. It showed numerous updates and upgrades. If we add 5 years to the date of discontinuation, the support by Apple to the users of iPhone 7 is till the year 2024 if the policy of 5 years persists. If you are an iPhone 7 user, you can replace it by 2024 September as it’s the last date for the iOS update of your phone. If your iPhone 7 faces any software crash or security threat in the year 2025, you are only completely responsible for it.

Upgrade iPhone 7 To The Newest iOS

Until the time the company is supporting iPhone 7, you can easily upgrade your phone to the newest iOS. If your iPhone has iOS 12, you can upgrade it to iOS 13. While upgrading your phone, you might face data loss. You need to take relevant data backup before revamping your iPhone.

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iPhone Backup

Before upgrading your phone from iOS 12 to iOS 13, make sure that you have kept a backup for your phone otherwise it can become the biggest mistake of yours in today’s date. Chances of error in the updating system or incomplete process of the update cannot be 0. If your iPhone 7 old version is intact, the process of a downgrade will become easy for you. You can use iCloud or iTunes to create a backup of your iPhone 7. You can use both of them if one fails to upgrade.

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We have described a full-fledged answer to the question that usually pops up in the mind of iPhone 7 users i.e. When will Apple stop supporting the iPhone 7? The drastic experience of an iPhone 7 user is usually at the time of upgrading their phone because they might face some worst outcomes such as corrupt software or data loss. If you are an iPhone 7 user, you can solve your device issues with Apple’s free service. After the time gets over, you can no longer enjoy the free service. To enjoy the free service from the company you can buy another model to expand the 5 years support.

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