Tips To Make An Invisible Discord Name And Avatar

Tips To Make An Invisible Discord Name And Avatar

Discord is known as the coolest application. The features of Discord are so good that you can show them off among your friends too. You can set a cool username and can customize the background of your Discord and you will enjoy this custom experience a lot.

Tips To Make An Invisible Discord Name And Avatar

You might have noticed one thing that must have always made you curious i.e. invisible names. At times, you don’t see the name of the person just a blank space and it is incredible. For once, you must have tried to enter a blank space in place of your name to change the username but Discord will not permit you to do this. The same goes for changing your nickname into a blank space. Discord will reset it for you.

Do you want to keep your name invisible in Discord? In the upcoming section of this article, read the given instructions and make your Invisible Discord Name and Avatar. Also, get to know about how to make your avatar invisible in Discord.

Discord Working Procedure

You will get a combination of tag and username while using Discord. Just tap on the name of any member present on the server if you want to see this. There’s an alternative as well. Just click on your friends’ name in the DM section of Discord to check the combination of tag and username. Usually, the username of the Discord users depicts the gaming personality of the individual.

There might be some users that do not have any name. This must-have increased your level of curiosity about how one can put a blank space in place of your name in Discord. If you are thinking that the invisible name is due to blank space, that’s not true. The major reason is the character’s invisibility. There is no empty value in place of the name but a single alphabet like ‘A’. It’s just that you aren’t able to see that. It is all because of the use of Unicode. Unicode is a standard for encoding different languages and scripts. A different numeric value is allocated to every character in Unicode. The value will remain standard and you can identify it across programs and platforms.

For instance, the letter ‘A’ has a standard Unicode value i.e. ‘U + 0041’. There will be a difference in the syntax while entering it in numerous editors. In Microsoft Word, type ‘U + 0041’ and then press the keys ‘Alt + X’ after you have selected the typed text. You can see ‘A’ in place of the text that you have typed earlier. To make the username invisible, we will be applying the same principle. Learn the simple tricks and try them out.

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Make Your Name Invisible in Discord

As we have discussed above, we will be using special characters to make the name invisible in Discord. The principle that will be applied is that Discord will not show the characters and your name will become invisible. The Unicode that we will be using to make the name invisible is the character ‘1CBC’. This character is seen as ‘1CBC in the ox and it is a portion of the Georgian-extended font. But this is not identified by Discord.

Implement These Steps To Make Your Name Invisible In Discord

  • Step 1: Firstly, you have to copy ‘1CBC’. Just drag the cursor of your mouse across the box and press the keys ‘Ctrl + C’ for windows and ‘Command + C’ for Mac. Total 2 instances are there because Discord will not allow a username of a single character.
  • Step 2: Now visit the Discord, select the gear icon that is present beside the username to go to the option of ‘User Settings’.
  • Step 3: Click on the option of ‘Edit’ present under ‘My account’ beside the username. Paste the character that you copied earlier in the text box of the username.
  • Step 4: Type the password of your account and click on ‘Done’. Now you have successfully made your name invisible in Discord. Now you can’t alter your name for a few hours after doing this.
  • Step 5: Type ‘/nick + Tab key’ to change the name in the server and then paste the characters.
Note: There are a few browsers like Firefox that can read the characters. If you are using such a browser while using Discord, no worries! Your name will remain invisible.
  • Step 7: Copy and paste the characters in the text box of the username. For doing this, position the cursor at the beginning of the grey box and drag it completely.
  • Step 8:Press the keys ‘Ctrl + C’ for windows and ‘Command + C’ for mac and paste this.

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Make Your Profile Picture Invisible In Discord

  • Step 1: To make the profile picture invisible, we will be using a transparent PNG file.
  • Step 2: Download the image by right-clicking on the border of the image.
  • Step 3: Go to the Settings of Discord and select the three dots present beside the profile picture.
  • Step 4: Select the option of ‘Select Avatar’ and then select the ‘invisible profile pic PNG file’ that you have downloaded earlier.
  • Step 5: Click on the option of ‘Apply’ and save the changes by clicking on ‘save changes.
  • Step 6: The trick that we have applied here is that the PNG file does not have any content on it and it perfectly matches with the background of the Discord.


Now you can easily make your name and profile picture invisible by using some special characters and tricks that we have explained properly in the above sections of the article. Make your account on Discord cooler than your friend’s and make them learn about the tricks that you applied for making your profile picture and name invisible.


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