How to Quote Someone on Discord – 3 BEST Solutions

How to Quote Someone on Discord

If you are unable to quote discord, then it might get prohibited if equated with a few messaging apps that provide such features. The platform of discord was not thought to be used for work or business. It was primarily designed for true gamers. Quoting someone helps to reply easily and offers to highlight important messages in any conversation. If you are wondering How to Quote Someone on Discord, this article will help you by giving you tried and tested solutions. Just go through each solution to check which one works for you perfectly. Let’s begin!

How to Quote Someone on Discord - 3 BEST Solutions

3 BEST solutions on How to Quote Someone on Discord

Method 1: Quote by code blocks

Step 1: Phrase the message either in a single backtick (‘) or in a three-way backtick (“ ‘).
Step 2: Add the single backtick at the message start and end. It forms a single-line message into a code block.
Step 3: Add the three-way backtick at the message start and end. It forms a multiple lines message into a code block.

If this solution on How to Quote Someone on Discord does not go with you, try the next two.

Method 2: Quote by block quotes

The second method on How to Quote Someone on Discord is through quote by block quotes.

It imitates the functionality of quoting somebody on Discord. The composition of using block quotes are either > or >>> with space.
Step 1: Add > at the message start and end. It forms a block quote of a single line.
Step 2: Copy and Paste the post which would be replied to.
Step 3: Before the post-sentence, add > and hit ‘Enter’. It will quote on the discord.
Step 4: Add >>> at the start and end of the message. It forms a block quote of multiple lines.
Step 5: Copy and paste the post you want to reply to.
Step 6: Before the post-sentence, add >>> and hit ‘Enter’. It will quote on the discord.

Next, we have the third way on How to Quote Someone on Discord with quote by quote bot.

Method 3: Quote by quote bot

Github projects help to finish the functionality of quoting on the discord. Github project downloading along with its installation requires experience. Two projects have the maximum contributions:

Citador or Nirewen: A straightforward quoting tool that helps to quote the sentence with a click on a discord.

Quote or Deivedux: A self-bot that is rich in features and consists of many features which can be used easily to quote a message.

You can use any of the mentioned bots to quote a message.

Try to use BetterDiscord, a distinct custom client of discord. Sometimes, the custom client might go against Discord’s TOS, therefore, stay careful.

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Users Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to discord messages, people have multiple questions. Here, we have a few frequently asked questions about How to Quote Someone on Discord.

What are the ways to address directly anyone in a group chat?

  • While communicating in a group, you may require to address somebody directly rather than the whole group.
  • Tap on the username to message them personally.
  • If you need to address them in the group, type u003cbru003eu003cbru003e or u0022@u0022 before you type their username.
  • Type the complete name or select the person from the list shown on the screen.
  • The message will then get highlighted in the discord channel and will get directed towards the specific individual.

What to do if the quotation marks do not work?

  • Users use quotation marks to manipulate their message either using single or three-way quotation marks.
  • Sometimes it might not work which further tends to irritate the user. Instead of using a single backtick, use discord’s markdown.
  • It looks the same but is completely different from the single backtick.
  • The key named thing.u003cbru003eu003cbru003e is on the left side of the key named u00221u0022 on the keyboard.
  • It goes along with the tilde key that too is used for the discord markdown.

Are bots useful to work with quotations?

It’s a big yes because many bots can be seen online. Just add them to the discord server to allow the message quotations. The bots are added only if the user has administrative rights.

Bot Examples Which Can Be Added to the Discord Server.

u003cbru003eu003cbru0003eu003cahref=u0022htpps:// u003cahref=u0022 Botu003c/au003e  

Along with these bots, the already added bot functions are the same if allowed. Using these, your problem of How to Quote Someone on Discord becomes easy.

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How to create fabulous customization?

  • There are many ways if you are interested to customize the platform of the discord. There are many available in-built themes where you can even change the text (font size) as per your requirements.
  • To modify it extra, install BetterDiscord where you can alter and download a variety of modified themes.
  • If you want to make your version of discord, it is possible to make it via opening the API.
  • A person who is aware of coding can manipulate the discord looks according to their needs.
  • It is not just limited to a chatting application because it also helps the game developers to sell out the gaming applications.


Now you have learned How to quote someone on discord successfully. These solutions will help you to resolve the issue of quoting any message on the discord with simple techniques. If you have any doubt, contact us freely with your question in the given comment box. We will sort it out very soon.

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