Steps To Know Whether You Were Blocked On An iPhone

Know Whether You Were Blocked On An iPhone

Many times you might be worried if your messages or calls are not taking off or not even getting delivered from your side. It is easier to communicate with people in today’s technology-flooded world but sometimes it’s also easy to stop someone from communicating with you with just a single tap. Most often you may wonder if you text someone and continue to get no response from them.

Steps To Know Whether You Were Blocked On An iPhone

Confirmation That You Are Blocked

It is difficult to say that there is no definite way to determine that you have been blocked. For an instance, you might not get any notification or see indicators in that person’s contact information. This will interfere with the other person’s privacy. But there are a few clues that indicate that you are blocked like the lack of the delivered message and what you listen to when you call the person. Anyhow, it becomes easier to find out whether you were blocked or not if you have an iPhone.

Signs that you are blocked on iPhone

  • Immediately or after 1 ring all your calls are getting diverted to the voicemail
  • Your call may get off or you may hear a busy tone
  • Do not see “Delivered” on the read recipient
  • You don’t get any response to your text messages

Tips to find that you are blocked

An automated response

The primary tip to know if someone blocked you or not is very straightforward. Sometimes you may receive an automated response to a message you have sent then you are not blocked because that automated text response doesn’t go to numbers that have been blocked on iPhones.
But if you don’t get an automated response then wait for the “iMessage Not Delivered” notification which gives you another clue to find out you are blocked or not.

iPhone message not delivered and blocked you on iMessage

It is necessary to block the person’s calls to block texts on the iPhone so if you are blocked on anyone you are blocked on another. You can still use iMessage to text the person but like your phone calls, they won’t be able to receive the message or any notification too.

Steps to know if, you have been blocked on iMessages

  • Step 1: You won’t be able to see “Delivered” below the text bubble if an iPhone message is not delivered(blocked)
  • Step 2: It’s necessary to keep in mind that you will only see the delivery notifications on the most recent message in a string of delivered messages.
  • Step 3: But, surely, you won’t see the most current text in a conversation if the message is not delivered.
  • Step 4: Once have a look underneath the last text you have sent before you suspect you are blocked.
  • Step 5: If the most recent message you have sent doesn’t say delivered under the message bubble but the previous iMessage says delivered it means that you are blocked.
  • Step 6: There can be another indication if you see an iMessage Not Delivered error other than above.

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iMessage not delivered error & sent as text message notification

  • Step 1: Try enabling SMS texts on iPhone if you are seeing the iMessage not delivered error
  • Step 2: This way your device will automatically re-attempt the text using a cellular plan or you can manually re-attempt with SMS instead of iMessage if an iPhone message is not delivered.
  • Step 3: Even after this if your SMS message fails to receive a reply or a delivery confirmation then it’s another clue that you are blocked.

Follow the steps to resend the text message after an iMessage not delivered error

  • Step 1: Tap on the red info icon after viewing the attempted text
  • Step 2: Tap on the “send as a text message”
  • Step 3: Now your device will resend the text

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Switching off caller ID and call the person

To find out whether the person has blocked you or not this is the best method to follow by switching off the caller ID on your phone. You try to call the person to know whether it rings for once or more.

Follow the steps to turn off caller ID

  • Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone
  • Step 2: Go to the phone and then show my caller ID
  • Step 3: Then move the toggle next to show my caller ID to off position
  • Step 4: As caller ID is turned off now call the person that you believe has blocked you.

By doing this the person who blocked you won’t be able to see who is calling and even the person’s iPhone won’t be able to block the call due to the hidden caller ID. So if the person lifts the calls and cuts off or the phone rings as normal signifies that you were blocked.

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Do not Disturb Mode

If a person enables the Do not disturb mode and forgets to disable it the one you are trying to call or message there is a possibility that your messages and calls are not received by that person if one keeps it for a longer time.

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Communication is an important part of human life. So, it becomes very necessary to make our communication safer. iPhone gives us good security as it allows the users to block nuisance callers. But if sometimes you are also blocked by the other person due to some reason and there it becomes a challenge to know whether you were blocked or not. So this article will help you tell if someone blocks you on your iPhone. So read the article completely and carefully to know if you are blocked or not.

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