What Does The Green Dot Mean On Facebook: Online Status Confirmation

What Does The Green Dot Mean On Facebook

Youth use various social media platforms to update their recent status or activities and post their pictures. Though every social media platform provides a feature of posting status and photographs, they all are dissimilar in one or the other way. Talking about the similarities, the most common feature in all such platforms is the indicator that shows the online presence of the user. Yes, you are correct! The green dot is located next to the profile of the person. The presence of the green dot shows that the person is online and it makes it easy for you to make up your mind and expect a reply from that user at that particular moment.

What Does The Green Dot Mean On Facebook: Online Status Confirmation

It’s one of the easiest and most understandable features of every social media platform. Since the time Facebook separated the messenger application, many users got confused about the green dot that they see on the Facebook Messenger. They still can’t differentiate between the green dot and the active now symbol. Therefore, in this article we will be explaining ‘What Does The Green Dot Mean on Facebook‘ to clear out the confusion of numerous Facebook Messenger users.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the forms of instant messaging. Earlier, Facebook and Messenger were in collaboration, but in the year 2011 Messenger became its entity. This application allows you to communicate with other users that you have added as friends to your friends’ list on Facebook. You can also look out for other users that are not added to your friends’ list and can message them, but the conversation will not be on your chat list. In addition to this, you will not receive any notifications from those people. You can also use the other features of Facebook Messenger such as video and voice calling. Just like Google meet and zoom, Facebook Messenger has also included a new feature of ‘Rooms’ that permits you to make a group video call that can include up to 50 people.

Meaning Of Green Dot On Facebook

The green dot that you see on Facebook Messenger has a different meaning depending upon the different platforms that you are using at that moment. You can find out the active status of your friend with the help of a new feature introduced by Facebook which is a green dot. Green Dot is an indicator that represents the online status of the user. If a person is active, you can see a green dot appearing next to the name, on the profile picture of the user. Still, many users are confused about the actual meaning of the green dot. So we’ll have a close look at the meaning of green dots on different screens.

Meaning of Green Dot on Facebook Messenger

If you are seeing a green dot on the profile picture of a user, next to their name on Facebook Messenger, that means the particular user is currently active on Facebook Messenger. Nevertheless, Facebook clarifies that the person is online on Facebook. It does not indicate or specify that the user is active either on Facebook Messenger, the Facebook app, or on Facebook.com.

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Meaning Of Green Dot On The Facebook Web Page

If you are using Facebook after visiting the official website of Facebook which is Facebook.com you will see a similar green dot. The way it acts as an indicator on the messenger application, If you’re observing a green dot on the profile picture of the user on the website, it indicates that the user is presently online. If you are accessing Facebook from its website, the Green Dot is seen on the profile page of the user. Therefore, to check the online status of your friend, you need to visit his or her profile page.

Green Dot on the Facebook Web Page
Green Dot on the Facebook Web Page

Meaning Of Green Dot Beside A Video

You can see a green dot beside a video, only if you are using the Messenger application. If you’re observing a green dot beside an option of the video, it shows that the particular user is available for a video call. Nowadays, the devices that you use to access Facebook Messenger have cameras, so the sign of a green dot beside a video is always synonymous. But, if you haven’t permitted Facebook to access your device camera, you cannot see a green dot beside the video of the user.

Meaning of ‘Active Now’ Status

If you are seeing a green dot on Facebook, never assume it to be an accurate sign. It might also occur if the person is running the app of Facebook in the background & hasn’t forced stop it. It says that you will see a green dot on the profile picture of the person even if he is not currently active. To clear out this confusion, Facebook has introduced a new function of ‘Active now’ that tracks the activity of the user on the app for letting you know that the person is online. In short, we can say that the function of ‘Active Now’ represents the current online status of the user on Facebook, but it does not indicate that the user is communicating with some other person or using the messenger app.

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Earlier, the green dot was used to indicate whether the user is online or not on Facebook or the messenger application, but with time the upgrade in the features of Facebook and Messenger has cleared out the confusion and clarified the fact that if the user is active on Facebook or not. We hope that now your confusion regarding the confusing question i.e. ‘What Does The Green Dot Mean On Facebook?’ is clarified now. In case you have any questions let us know in the comments section below.

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