Simple Steps To Allow In-App Purchases In iPhone/iPad

Steps To Allow In-App Purchases In iPhone/iPad

A feature given inside of an app that you have downloaded on your iPhone or any other phone from any app store like Google play store, or Apple play store is called in-app purchases. It enables you to buy the premium perks available in the app that are not free of cost. With some payment being done you can access those features in the app that you have downloaded.

Simple Steps To Allow In-App Purchases In iPhone/iPad

For instance, you are playing a game and lots of ads are coming in between so the app also gives an ad-free option to the user for which some price has to be paid after which it will get unlocked. Once you pay the price an ad-free version of the game will be provided to you.

Recently one piece of news came across that a boy used around three lakh rupees of his mother in online gaming. This happens when your kids have access to your credit card and in-app purchases. You can avoid such horrific incidents of losing unwanted in-app purchases by following simple steps of disabling and enabling in-app purchases which we will discuss in this article.

Types of In-App Purchases

There can be three types of in-app purchases based on the perks provided after the purchase. With the advancement in the gaming industry in apps, the purchase has also expanded. These in-app purchases are present not only in the free apps but also in those apps that you download after paying a price. Let us have a look at different types of in-app purchases.

  • Unlockable in-app purchases
  • Subscriptions
  • Expendables in-app purchases

Unlockable in-app purchases

These are those purchases that are permanent and once purchased will remain with the buyer forever. Even if you reinstall the app these purchases features will still be available. This can include any new feature in the game, certain themes or backgrounds in photo editing apps.

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This refers to paying a price and availing of premium options that are offered by the app. For example, the play-along feature of KBC is accessible on the ‘Sony Live‘ app if you buy a subscription of one month or more of the app. Many other apps like Zee5, Hotstar etc. also offer subscriptions for their users to use other features on the app.

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Expendables in-app purchases

There are certain apps in which you need to collect in-app currency like coins or bullets to purchase new features of in-apps. For instance in the Duolingo app, for learning a language you need to collect the red gems to purchase new looks for your duo. These kinds of in-app purchases are expendables.

In many free games, numerous currencies are available, the player has to collect these to unlock the new powers of the protagonist player. By constantly playing the games or using the apps you can collect these in-app currencies although the rate to acquire them will be slow.

Where Can You Access In-App Purchases In An App?

Since these in-app purchases are totally in control of the individual app they are not in the same place in all the apps. For some apps and games, you can find different options. At times in-app purchases can be named as the store, in-app store or any other name according to the aesthetics of the app or a game.

How To Find Apps With In-App Purchases On An iPhone Or An iPad?

In the apple store of iPhones within the app, purchases come with a disclaimer option beside the purchase option. So if you find a disclaimer with the purchase button then you can tell it’s an app with in-app purchases.

App’s detail page also tells about the in-app purchase availability in the app. You can follow the below steps for better assistance. These steps will give information about the in-app purchases in a detailed manner.

  • Step 1: Go to the app’s detail page
  • Step 2: Scroll down and select ‘Information’
  • Step 3: Tap on the ‘In-App Purchases’

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Steps To Enable In-app purchases in an iPhone

  • Step 1: Go to the ‘Settings’ & select ‘Screen Time’
  • Step 2: Choose the’ Content and Privacy Restriction’ option.
  • Step 3: Select ‘App Store Purchase and iTunes’
  • Step 4: Choose ‘In-App Purchase’ & tap on the ‘Allow’ option.

The above steps will enable the in-app purchase in your iPhone. If you want to disable the in-app purchase you can follow the same steps and choose ‘Don’t allow’ in Step 4.

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In the app, purchases are the opportunities given to the user inside an app to unlock certain features of the app after paying a certain price. It depends on the users whether they want to continue using the free version of the app or upgrade it by installing new features by paying some amount of money or in-app currency. Sometimes in-app purchases can lead to unpleasant experiences like losing money on games that are being played by children at home. One can enable or disable these in-app purchases by following the steps that we have mentioned in this article.


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