One Plus 8 Back Glass Cover {Panel} Replacement Cost

One Plus 8 Back Glass Replacement Cost

One Plus 8 is leading with speed both in performance and sales as its slogan says ‘Lead with speed’ which sounds impressive to the users. One plus 8 and One Plus 8 Pro are Android smartphones loaded with lots of features for the users which makes this phone stand apart from others.

One Plus 8 Back Glass Cover {Panel} Replacement Cost

Unlike other Android phones, One Plus 8 devices have a glass back cover which gives them an elegant look but due to long usage at times this glass back cover gets scratched and broken. These scratchy lines destroy the back design of One Plus 8 devices ultimately making it look terrible. Also if you happen to drop your phone on some bad day then it’s a big possibility that the back cover will surely get destroyed in one go.

So is your One Plus 8 back cover broken? If Yes, then you are at the right place because, in this article, we will discuss all possible methods of One Plus 8 Back Glass Replacement for faster fixation.

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What To Do When The Back Cover Of One Plus 8 Is Broken?

A broken glass cover requires a heat treatment for its removal so it’s better to get it replaced by a technician at the service centre or those shops which are using high-quality material for a replacement that has durability and a warranty assurance at the same time. Only a well-experienced technician will be able to replace the back glass cover with proper care and perfection. Some repair shops use double-sided adhesive for mounting the back cover. The same adhesive is used by the One Plus 8 company as well as it guarantees a perfect fit. The repair can take one to two hours depending on the problem. Cross-check the smartphone once it’s returned to you by customer care.

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One Plus 8 Back Glass Replacement Cost

We all know that One Plus smartphones come in very handy these days and that’s the reason it has become the favorite accessory owned by people in this generation. Though it was launched in the market after going through multiple checking but still at times, the device falls accidentally by the users which damage the smartphone fully or partially.

It either damages the front screen or the back glass cover & to repair that damage users need to pay a hefty amount at the One Plus Service Center or other mobile shops for getting it repaired quickly.

Talking about the charges, it’s different for ‘One Plus Back Glass Cover’ at the One Plus Service Centre & Other Third Party Shops. At the Service Center center, you’ll be charged Rs 2,500-3,500 if you choose to repair your ‘One Plus Black Glass Cover’ there. Moreover third parties such as ‘Cashify charge approximately Rs 2,000-3000 for replacing the glass cover of ‘One Plus 6’ but it changes for other One Plus 8 smartphones depending on the model, damage, and additional expenses (if any).

The bonus of choosing ‘Cashify‘ for One Plus Back Glass Replacement is that they provide three months of the warranty period on the parts repaired by them to the users which means for three months you can use their service for free & get it repaired instantly if there’s a problem in the repaired part again. Although reports state that the service provided by ‘Cashify’ is way beyond good & doesn’t need additional replacements.

Apart from these two places you can also get your One Plus Back Glass Cover replaced at a mobile shop which rectifies such damages at a low price without burning a hole in your pocket but at times the parts used by them don’t prove to be of good quality & that’s the reason we’ll suggest to visit an authorized centre (One Plus) for safe back glass replacement. Above all, charges differ depending on the model so cross-check with the service centre or other shops by calling them before visiting the store.

Things To Avoid When One Plus 8 Pro Back Glass Cover is Broken

  • Don’t try to replace the back cover after watching YouTube videos as you may end up harming the delicate parts of the phone from the heat used to remove the scratched back cover.
  • Don’t delay the replacement of the shattered broken back cover if the phone gets wet accidentally then the damage caused to the phone may become irreversible.
  • Also, the broken back glass exposes the internals of the phone which is again a big risk so get it repaired as soon as possible.

Prominent Issues With One Plus 8 Smartphone

After the release of the One Plus 8 series of smartphones, the brand was surrounded by a big controversy at times which caused a huge problem for them. Its camera was loaded with the ability to see through some plastics and clothes. It was giving an X-ray effect. Later the company accepted the glitch and took back the update and disabled this feature. Although the new update is believed to reinstate this feature.

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One plus 8 is the best smartphone when it comes to looks and design. The glass back cover is a cherry on the top of the look but the back glass cover is vulnerable to getting broken or scratched too often due to which users have to empty their pockets. This can lead to the damage of other parts of the phone. So to avoid all these issues we have curated a complete guide for our users in this article so that it’s simple and easier for them to repair the broken back glass cover.

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