Replacement Cost for OnePlus 8T Back Cover {Panel} With Repair Process

Replacement Cost for One Plus 8T Back Cover

In today’s generation smartphones have become the most important necessity for human beings. You need a cell phone for every minute of activity. We access the phone every minute, so we accidentally drop it or scratch it, break it, or tag it by common users. The OnePlus 8T is well made; such drops and accidents do not damage the internal hardware of this phone. However, if you need to change the case, you can easily change the cell phone case by buying a full-body case which would make the phone look new and fresh.

Replacement Cost for OnePlus 8T Back Cover {Panel} With Repair Process

The rear glass case of the OnePlus 8T is carried out by the following factors which are mentioned below.

  • High-quality material and excellent durability.
  • The perfect replacement for the existing case and the high-quality OEM product gives this phone a new look.
  • Replace the cover of your old, scratched, and broken casing with a new one. This replacement is carried out with care by a qualified person. This type of shell offers reliable protection to smartphones against daily wear and tear which increases the longevity of the phone.

If you have a OnePlus 8 with cracked rear glass, get it replaced before the inner components of the phone get exposed. If the phone gets wet, it can cause additional problems which may lead to troublesome conditions.

Replacement Cost

After reviewing all the websites it has been seen that the replacement cost for the One plus 8T costs between Rs 1500 to Rs 4000. Depending on your budget and charges asked at the service center you can schedule your visit for repairing the glass.

Note: The camera lens is not part of the rear glass repair.

Repair Process

The OnePlus 8T repair process begins with the gentle preheating of the rear glass which is performed on the special plate. It will melt the glue a bit, removing the broken glass easier and safer. To ensure your satisfaction, experts will replace the rear glass with a high-quality part. The attachment point is a double-sided adhesive that OnePlus also uses, which guarantees a perfect fit.

Technicians will fix your phone with ease. In most cases, the repair will not take more than 2 hours which also includes testing your OnePlus 8T smartphone after the repair. If you have sent it in for repair online, they will ship your phone to you within a few days, or the next day if you have selected priority repair.

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Testing Your Phone After Repair

Your OnePlus 8T will be carefully tested after getting repaired at the center. The test includes the new rear glass accessory, but technicians also confirm that the other functions are working properly after they install the backside component of the phone (speaker and microphone, network range, call function, front camera, charging, speaker, Wi-Fi ). After receiving the phone back, they ask you to test it again for final confirmation.

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One plus 8T is one of the best series of the OnePlus brand phones. Cracking and breaking of the touch screen and the back glass is the major issue faced by the users very often. If you have issues with your One Plus 8T smartphone then you can get it replaced at the authorized service center. We have jotted everything from pricing to procedure in detail so that it’s easier for you to get it fixed in one go!

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