Snapchat Story Download: 6 Proven Techniques To Save Your Favorite Moments

Snapchat Story Download

Just like downloading an Instagram story is not a roller coaster ride, it’s the same for Snapchat as well. It’s rapidly booming due to its attractive features whether it’s creating a shortcut on Snapchat, designing filters, sending daily streaks or finding out whether someone has viewed your Snapchat story more than one time.

Snapchat Story Download: 6 Proven Techniques To Save Your Favorite Moments

Snapchat is built with chef-kiss features and has managed to win the hearts of people worldwide. Despite being developed with No.1 features Snapchat still has a few loopholes associated with it. One such is Snapchat story download where a user cannot download someone else’s story if they wish to & all one can download is only their own story which gets saved in the memories or camera roll depending on the Snapchat settings.

The evolution of third-party applications & implementation of built-in features in smartphones has made the task of downloading Snapchat stories convenient & easier. So if you’re someone whose eyes always get struck by your friend’s Snapchat story & you wish to download it then go through the secret hacks mentioned in this article about Snapchat story download. Believe us, you’re surely going to leave a comment thanking us for these treasure-worthy Snapchat secret tips.

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Snapchat Story Download Via Screen Recorder

In today’s date, screen recorder has become the most important feature embedded with iOS & Android devices. Snapchat users can screen record the stories using this fantastic feature. Moreover, if you’re an Android user and your device lacks the screen recording feature then you can download AZ Screen Recorder which is one the most popular and reliable apps suggested by the experts for recording purposes. The step-by-step guide for downloading Snapchat Story for both devices is mentioned below. Kindly go through them thoroughly to download the story without any obstacles.

For Android

  • Step 1: Download AZ Screen Recorder or any other screen recorder app from the Play Store
  • Step 2: Open your Snapchat account & proceed further towards the ‘Story Section’ of the app
  • Step 3: Tap on the Snapchat story which you wish to download and start playing it
  • Step 4: Open the screen recording app & click on the “Record Video Icon” to start the recording procedure
  • Step 5: Once you’re done with recording the story immediately stop the screen recorder. The file will get saved in your device once this procedure is completed. You can rename or edit the downloaded story too at your convenience.

For iOS

  • Step 1: From the home screen navigate through Settings > Control Centre > Customise Controls to facilitate the screen recording feature
  • Step 2: Click on the ‘+’ symbol for adding the screen recorder to the control centre
  • Step 3: Tap or Swipe on the screen recorder to start its working function
  • Step 4: Go through Snapchat and open the video story which you’re willing to download to your iPhone
  • Step 5: Proceed further to open up the control centre and click on the screen recording button to commence the recording procedure There will be a 3 seconds countdown after which the video will start getting recorded
  • Step 6: Tap on the story to play it and once done with the recording tap on the red bar depicted at the top of the screen to stop the recording. The story is now downloaded and saved on your iPhone

Snapchat Story Download Via Quicktime Recording

You need a Mac for this procedure. The best advantage of this technique is that you can download the story without notifying the user if you don’t want to reveal your identity to them or don’t want them to know that you’re downloading their story via another means. You can follow the steps mentioned below to download the story via QuickTime:

  • Step 1: The first step deals with connecting the iPhone to the Mac after which you need to launch the QuickTime
  • Step 2: Tap File > New Movie Recording
  • Step 3: Click on the arrow symbol just adjacent to the ‘Record’ option for converting the main source to iPhone
  • Step 4: You have to now tap on the ‘Record’ option & open the Snapchat story which you’re wanting to download to your device
  • Step 5: Tap on the ‘Record’ button once you’re done with the recording to stop the procedure
  • Step 6: You can now save the file on your device & it’s done

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Snapchat Story Download Via Snapchat Story Saver App

If the other two methods don’t seem the right fit for you don’t worry we have an alternative method for you. Below we have provided a list of trending apps which are suggested by experts for downloading a story from Snapchat. You can download whichever you like after analyzing the app features very precisely to save your favourite stories quickly. Do remember each app has its own set of pros & cons so choose the one which has genuine reviews & delivers swift results. Above all, to make this process a bit easier for you we have described the guidelines to use one such third-party application, i.e, SnapBox below:

  • Step 1: Download SnapBox from the Play Store or App Store 
  • Step 2: Login into the app using your valid username & password
  • Step 3: Find out the story which you wish to download & tap on the ‘Save’ option to save

Have a look at 6 other trending Snapchat story-saver apps which you can use to download the stories in just one tap. You can easily download them via Play Store or App Store.

  • SnapCrack 
  • MirrorGo
  • SnapSave
  • Snapchat Saver
  • SaveMySnaps

3 Other Ways Of Snapchat Story Download You Need To Know

  • Take a screenshot if it’s a photo

You need not go through the crunch of following the above-mentioned methods if the story you wish to download is a picture. Just take a screenshot by tapping the button which captures a screenshot on your device. This method works fine but has certain drawbacks too,i.e, the owner will get to know that you’ve taken a screenshot and might ask you why you have performed this action. In such cases, you can politely convey to them the reason for taking the screenshot to avoid any kind of confusion between you two.

  • Ask the user to share the story with you

Nothing seems more hassle-free than directly asking the person to share the story with you. This method works best when you’re close to the person or know them personally. You can tell them that you liked the story & ask them to share it with you over the chat or any other social media profile if you’re connected with them there too.

  • Save it through the Snapchat style

This method of Snapchat Story Download is as simple as making a cup of tea. Follow the steps mentioned below to save your own story or the one uploaded by your friends on Snapchat.

  • Step 1: Login into your Snapchat account using the valid username and password
  • Step 2: Click on the ‘Profile Icon’ displayed at the upper right section of the screen
  • Step 3: In the end, click on the download icon shown beside the relevant story to save it

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Snapchat is the most used app after Instagram & WhatsApp worldwide. The snap streak & story feature is the best method to save memories. It’s very simple & enhances the overall user experience. Although, saving your own stories is not a tough nut to crack but downloading someone else story requires a bit of extra effort which you can seamlessly achieve with all the Snapchat story download techniques mentioned in this article. While you’re downloading a story via these methods keep Snapchat privacy & legal considerations in mind & make sure that you’re also taking the consent of the person before downloading their story just to be on the good side.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q) Are the techniques mentioned for Snapchat story download difficult?

Ans: The methods mentioned in this guide are 100% authentic. Our team has practically used these methods for downloading someone else story. The results were fast & impressive. Also, there were no signs of a data breach too while using the third-party applications so we can assure you to use them without stressing about privacy concerns. You can download as many stories as you want at one time through these tried & tested methods.

Q) Can Snapchat detect if I’m downloading a story via the Screen Recorder?

Ans: Snapchat instantly detects & notifies the person if their story is screen recorded by the other party. A double green arrow symbol gets displayed beside the name of the person who’s trying to record the chat, story or snap. To avoid such situations, you can take the permission of your friend & tell them beforehand if you’re going to download their story via a screen recorder. At times, your friend may directly send you the story and you won’t even have to use the screen-recording feature.

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