Snapchat Streaks And Stories: How Many Times Someone Viewed Story

Snapchat Streaks And Stories: How Many Times Someone Viewed Story

Snapchat is a renowned social media platform that is used by millions of people from all over the world. It’s implemented with numerous filters using which one can capture pictures and videos as per their choice. This mobile application works effortlessly for both Android and iOS users and comes with various striking features which attract a huge set of audience.

Snapchat Streaks And Stories: How Many Times Someone Viewed Story

Highlighting Features

• Capture Pictures
• Send Short Snaps
• Create Bitmoji Avatars
• Add Stories for 24 hours
• Audio and Video Call
• Text Message
• Create groups and share custom stories
• AR lenses which allow adding amazing effects in the pictures
• Share and Check the Live location of your friends on the map
• Store pictures in the Memories
• Private Gallery known as ‘Eyes’ for storing secretive pictures
• Play Games
• BuzzFeed for watching the latest news

What are Snapchat Streaks And Stories?

Snapchat streaks are short snaps that people send each other daily to maintain the streaks which are symbolized by ‘Fire Emoji’ next to the contact’s name. It tends to disappear after the user on the other side opens it because short snaps last only for a few seconds. Although, users can take a screenshot of that particular snap if they feel like it because snaps don’t get saved in the phone gallery.

However, Snapchat stories are similar as compared to the WhatsApp and Instagram stories and last only for 24 hours. These stories last for a day and can be viewed by all the people who are added to your friends’ list. However, if you don’t want certain people to see your stories then you can choose to hide them from them by making the changes in the settings section.

Note: The major similarities between these two are that when someone takes a screenshot of your streaks or the story then you tend to see a ‘screenshotted’ icon next to the person’s name from the list.

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Can you see how many times someone viewed a Snapchat story?

The main context of our article relies on this aspect if you can see how many times someone viewed your Snapchat story or it’s not possible just like other social media platforms. The answer to this tends to be a bit different as users can see who viewed their story more than once but won’t be able to check how many times that particular individual has viewed their story.

Here’s a list of some smart tips which one can implement to catch out the person who’s constantly viewing their stories.

Smart Tips

• You can check how many people have viewed your story by clicking on the ‘Eye Icon’ which is available at the bottom section of your story.
• Analyze your viewers’ list constantly and check whether there’s some change in the list or not.
•A change in the viewer’s list can be due to two reasons; one is that a new individual has recently viewed your story and the other could be that someone from the list of previous viewers ( who has already viewed your story) has once again viewed your story.
• If someone’s name is popping up again and again on top then it states that the particular individual has viewed your story once again lately.
• You can take the screenshots of the current and previous list and can compare that if there’s anything different in the viewer’s list.
• Fluctuation in the list will help you out to analyze that who’s viewing your story more than once
For Eg: In the first screenshot; it’s A, B, C, and D but in the second screenshot it’s C, A, B, and D which states that C has been watching your story frequently.

With so much discussion about Snapchat, we’re still sure about this concept that several people don’t know how to create a Snapchat account. Well, we have a solution to this problem and have curated a detailed step-by-step guide following which users can create their accounts on this social media platform with ease.

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How to create a ‘Snapchat Account’?

  1. Download ‘Snapchat’ from Playstore or App Store on your specific mobile devices.
  2. Sign Up for a post entering your first name and last name.
  3. Tap on ‘Accept’ to proceed further and enter the birth details.
  4. Create a Username that suits your personality and is easier for others to remember.
  5. Now create a strong password now which comprises a mixture of small and capital letters, symbols and numbers.
  6. Tap on ‘Continue’ and enter your email address for the verification procedure.
  7. In the next step, enter your mobile number for completing the final verification procedure.
  8. You will receive a code that you need to enter for logging into this mobile application and boom you’re all set to use it now!


Snapchat is different from all the other social media platforms and tends to attract a wider set of audiences because of its constant update and implementation of attractive filters. Though the buzz is still the same about whether we can see how many times someone has viewed our story which seems to be impossible right now. The only trick is to analyze the viewer’s list and compare whether someone from that list is viewing your story again or not.

Try out these tricks and do let us know if it worked out for you or not!

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