How Marketers Are Succeeding At Using Instagram For Small Businesses

Using Instagram for Small Businesses


Instagram’s broad reach and excellent features have made it one of today’s top social media channels. The variety in the classification of posts, the classy design, and the easy-to-understand user interface of the app has contributed to bringing in a vast number of active users to the app.

How Marketers Are Succeeding At Using Instagram For Small Businesses

Instagram marketing is something marketers should focus upon to develop an identity among the youth as Instagram is a comparatively young platform with young users. For you to frame an idea about the forum’s marketing potential, let us look into some mind-boggling numbers. About 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business account every day, and one-third of the most viewed Instagram stories are of business accounts. If you are a wise marketer planning to upgrade your small business, you certainly will not afford to miss on Instagram.

Instagram: The emerging giant

Every mind that dares to start a business puts in efforts to sustain and grow its brainchild, and according to a survey, 75.3% of companies based in the U.S will leverage Instagram as a marketing tool by the end of 2020. This is because nobody wants to miss the chance of increasing their brand awareness using a straightforward and attractive medium.

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Efficient Steps That Marketers have Incorporated in Instagram Marketing:

  • Switch to a free business account

Why are you missing out on some beautiful features that a business account has to provide your business’s required acceleration? Turn your account to a business account and get features like access to a new range of detailed analytics to monitor the performance of your posts, the chance to promote your posts as advertisements with buttons where users could click and reach your account, option to add important links to your stories, etc. A business account will give you the relevant exposure and help you grow fast.

  • Proper use of Hashtags to reach the right audience

Hashtags have become so common that its usage has become common in the day to day language. Using proper hashtags is a potent weapon in the marketing game as it is a way to expand your reach rapidly. Instagram runs on some trends that dominate the platform for an interval; as a keen marketer for a small business, you need to be eagle-eyed to catch the prominent trends and make use of them to come into the limelight. You can leverage hashtags to build your community too.

  • Leverage paid promotion/ads.

There are some posts that the creator is confident about. If you feel like a particular post can fetch you great results, you can promote it on Instagram using the paid promotion feature. This will help your content reach the right audience using automated algorithms by Instagram. These ads work on a CPM structure that means you have to pay a bid amount for every 1000 views.

  • Creating excellent content that helps them stand out

Instagram is flooded with business accounts and posts asking for likes and shares. People are used to such generic and monotonous content and are always searching for exciting and out of the box ideas. Something that can evoke emotions works the best, even in the social media cosmos. Always brainstorm the target audience, the competitors, and the idea you want to convey. Shortlist the best ideas and work on them to produce content that is new and refreshing. People on social media are responsive, and they will appreciate your effort.

  • They never miss out on the analytics

Business and profit cannot be separated as they are interconnected. Business is based on profits, and marketers are good at tracking patterns and graphs. Instagram has extremely detailed features to analyze the performance of your posts. Successful small businesses keep a regular check on the post-performance data and statistics and derive meaningful results. This helps in structuring the upcoming posts according to what works and what does not work.

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Never Miss Out on the following tips if you own a Small Business:

  • Ask for engagement subtly: Your content should have something that can bind the viewers for a while and stop them from merely scrolling past your content. Try to ask for engagement but in a slightly subtle manner as directly demanding for likes and shares can annoy the viewers and can put across a negative brand image.
  • Always rely on a strategy: Proper planning gives you the confidence to deliver better and improvise. You can have different strategies for different weeks or even months and then figure out what works best for your business. While preparing your plan, you can set a small goal for small intervals.
  • The visuals can turn the game: Instagram has a vast range of users, and not all judge you by the quality of your text and type of posts. The majority of the population will be impressed by your posts’ visuals and therefore, make sure to use pictures of high resolution, which are properly edited to look appealing. You can use video editing software to create compelling posts.
  • Share Your Sales and Discounts: All the brand’s beautiful schemes will be of no use if they do not reach potential customers. Instagram is the perfect platform to announce all the sales and discounts that your business is offering. You can also share the promotional activities happening on Instagram as it will reach more people here.


From all the facts and figures relating to Instagram’s popularity and efficiency, the one common finding is that small businesses should immediately strategize their Instagram presence and follow the required steps to ace their game.

It is a platform with all the benefits and options for marketers to accelerate the profit and visibility of small businesses using the right techniques

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