Best Microsoft Word Cursive Fonts: Detailed List & Downloading Procedure

Best Microsoft Word Cursive Fonts

Microsoft Word is a ubiquitous document processing tool that offers a wide range of fonts to inspire user creativity in addition to strong functionality, aside from other features provided in the service of Microsoft Office, such as its OneDrive backup options. This is a comprehensive guide into the magical world of best Microsoft Word cursive fonts. These fonts give documents a subtle touch of elegance and uniqueness that goes beyond simple practicality. We travel through the platform’s built-in cursive font selections, revealing each one’s unique charm as we go. In addition, we’ll look beyond the defaults to see how other fonts work in unison, creating a more diverse range of typographic options that users can incorporate into their writing.

Best Microsoft Word Cursive Fonts: Detailed List & Downloading Procedure

23 Most Popular & Best Microsoft Word Cursive Fonts

This is the definitive list of the best cursive fonts to be used in Microsoft Word, so you can choose whichever one suits you the best. These font designs can be used in reels, presentations, chats, pictures, creative designs etc.

Edwardian Script

With a graceful cursive style reminiscent of a steel point pen, the Edwardian Script font radiates class and classic elegance. It stands out as a unique option for a range of applications thanks to its unique features.

Vladimir Script Font Family

The hand-painted fonts from the 1950s are reminiscent of the cursive brush style available in the Vladimir Script font family. It is a favorite for personalized printed cards and paper goods due to its casual yet elegant aesthetics.

Brush Script MT

A font family that has stood the test of time is Brush Script MT. This font, which is well-known for its bold appearance and delicate textures, resembles a brush stroke and has an alluring cursive appearance. Many users advise using its uppercase settings for memorable initials.

Freestyle Script Font Family

The Freestyle Script font family emulates the charm of handwritten text by skillfully fusing print and cursive letters for a more relaxed and informal cursive style. It’s a perfect fusion cursive font.

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Euphoria Script

Euphoria Script is a casual yet sophisticated script font. Its letterforms have a flowing, calligraphic feel to them, with different stroke widths. It’s a bright font which adds positive vibes to your designs.

Rage Italic

The Rage Italic font, which has cursive letters and a textured brush font, gives designs a lighthearted and informal feel. It elevates creativity and is perfect for more casual and laid-back projects.

Kunstler Script Font Family

The Kunstler script font family, introduced by designer Hans Bohn, got developed after a refined and formal engraving style. It’s a perfect choice for formal invitations or certificates as it showcases modern elegance.

Palace Script MT

The Palace Script MT font is a perfect example of a compact, vertically short English cursive script. In order to fully appreciate its intricate design, it is advised to use it in larger sizes.

Clicker Script

Clicker Script letterforms showcase cursive handwriting which is full of life. It’s a connected script done with a brush or marker having free and zestful appearance. It’s perfectly applicable for informal & creative invitations due to its imaginary designs.

Script MT

The bold version of the Script MT font, which was inspired by early 20th-century German writing styles, is especially well-suited for use on packaging and logos. Its distinct appeal stems from its unique origins.

Bukhari Script

Bukhari Script is used with a variety of designs because it combines classic with modern vibes. It feels whimsical and informal because of the thick lines and rounded edges. This font when seen gives a handwritten feel due to strokes variations and multiple embellishments used to write.

Alex Brush

A natural modern cursive font which is widely popular for branding purposes, logo designing and expressive typography. It’s an unconfined brush script typeface which is well-known for flowing lines and short ascenders and descenders for legibility which is uncommon in other script fonts. Latin character sets & strong language support give it adaptability for various design requirements.

Sweet Apricot

Sweet Apricot is a soothing handwritten cursive font which is mostly implemented to give a personalized touch to thank-you cards, wedding invitations, greeting cards, logos, brand packaging etc.

Books Script

Books Script is a graceful typeface that draws its design cues from calligraphy traditions. It features a range of stroke widths, with delicate, thin lines giving way to strong, downstrokes. The flowing shapes are perfect for adding an extra touch of elegance to wedding invites, headers and brand logos.

Expanding Cursive Font Options Through Multiple Websites

If you find that the default options don’t capture what you’re looking for, Microsoft Word gives you the freedom to add more fonts to your library. You can easily improve your font list in Microsoft Word by going to your favorite font website, or using the best font sites list for choosing a font, downloading it, and installing it on your computer. Here are our top picks for the best fonts available to download for cursive on Microsoft Word.

Nexa Script

A more sophisticated iteration of the multifaceted Nexa Rust font family, Nexa Script is a crisp and contemporary script font. It is a great option for projects involving both graphic and web design.

Amsterdam Three

Lettersiro created Amsterdam Three Slant in 2017, and it’s a fun font that can be used for a variety of creative designs. It gives your creative endeavours a playful element and is free to use.

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The script-style Brittany Signature Font, created by Creatype Studio, features thin lettering and sweeping curves. This font adds a distinctive touch with its distinct curves & graceful ink flow, making it perfect for sophisticated and modern text. Also, just like Amsterdam Three it’s absolutely free for usage.


Vlad Cristea (Dutch Designer) has designed this extremely cool font Brusher. This font has effortless lines, fascinating edges and attractive brushed strokes which is almost a treat to an eye. It provides 100% transparent readability on small texts and can also be used in web and display projects.


Bakerie, a family of 42 handwritten script-type fonts that are meant to be used in a variety of contexts, strikes a balance between distinctive quality, elegance and playful boldness. To meet a range of design requirements, the family is composed of 3 widths, 2 versions and 7 weights.


Apricots is a gorgeous handwriting script font that was released on July 10, 2019, and it works well in a variety of design contexts, such as magazines, invitations, websites, logos, and more.


With its distinctive and alluring design, Satisfy, created by Squid, guarantees satisfaction because of its epitome classic traits and contemporary twists. You should definitely add this typeface to your collection for a magical appearance.


A newly launched cursive writing font which when used in projects showcases organic beauty, fine elegance and modern touch. The captivating magic & adaptability Twister font has is strong due to which it’s used in creative projects regularly.


Daydream is a new and contemporary calligraphy typeface designed by Alice Whales that combines brush lettering and conventional handwriting style. It is the ideal option for business cards, greeting cards, posters, and personal branding due to its sophisticated and dancing baseline.

Simple Steps To Download & Use Fonts On Microsoft Word

Now that you know the best fonts available on the internet to download, here is how you can download them (or any other font) in these easy steps:

  • Step 1: Install your font file from the desired website, such as Fontspace.
  • Step 2: If your file happens to be zipped, unzip it by going to the download folder, clicking right-click and then the unzip option.
  • Step 3: Fonts will be of the datatype of either “TrueType” or “OpenType” font files. Right-click on these fonts and click Install.
  • Step 4: Click Yes if the application asks to make changes to your computer and you believe the font’s source is safe. After this, your font(s) will be downloaded and will show up on the list of available fonts on Microsoft Word.


Finally, this comprehensive guide explores the fascinating world of Microsoft Word’s cursive fonts, which go beyond basic use to offer a plethora of artistic opportunities. Classic built-ins like Edwardian Script and Palace Script MT display ageless elegance, and the addition of a variety of fonts broadens the possibilities for typography. Beyond the defaults, fonts with a modern twist, such as Alex Brush, Nexa Script, and Bakerie, add refinement and fun to projects. The ability for users to easily download and integrate fonts ensures a rich tapestry of options, further extending Microsoft Word’s flexibility. This collection makes sure users find the ideal cursive font, whether for formal invitations or informal designs, turning documents into expressive works of art.

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