How To Activate DND Service In Vodafone (Fully, Partially)

By default, all mobile numbers are not registered under NCPR, which means that any telemarketer or an organization can call you to promote their goods and services. These are commercial calls done by companies to tap customers. You can also receive messages from such services that contain details of their products or services available for sale. If you get annoyed from such calls and SMS and want to stop such unwanted commercial communications, you can simply opt to subscribe to NCPR or DND services on your Vodafone sim and get freedom from promotions.

Steps To Activate DND services

  • You can send an SMS that says START 0 to 1909 and the service requested will be activated on your Vodafone Sim.
  • Dial 1909 and follow the IVR guidance that can help you activate DND services in a few minutes.
  • Either of the above two steps can be followed by the customers whenever they wish to stop all commercial phone calls and messages.

The service is provided free of cost to the customers so that they don’t have to go through the unnecessary harassment of several commercial calls and messages.

Activate DND Service Online Through Vodafone Website

  • Visit Vodafone dnd website:
  • Fill the from (Name , Vodafone Mobile Number,  Email id)
  • Select if you want partially or full DND service
  • Select the category if you want partially (like Real Estate, Education etc)
  • Submit the from (DND service will be activated within 7 days)
Activate DND Service Online
Activate DND Service Online

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DND Option On Vodafone Mobile Phones

Two types of DND services are provided by Vodafone they are mentioned below

  • Fully Blocked – By opting for fully blocked services you can block all commercial communication calls and messages.
  • Partially Blocked – Partial block DND services blocks only voice calls done by the companies for commercial purposes. However, you can still receive messages from some preferred categories of numbers from which you wish to still receive calls and messages. Some preferences can be chosen from a list of categories available you want to receive messages from. They are listed below – Banking, Insurance, Financial and Credit Card companies. Real estate companies, calls from the education sector, health, tourism, communication companies. You can select your preferred group of companies from whom you wish to receive calls.

“You can choose to start Partially Blocked services by following the steps listed below “

  • Single preference -Send an SMS stating START X to 1909. Alternatively, you can also call 1909 and follow the IVR guidance given so that you can activate DND services on your sim.

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Deactivate DND Services From Vodafone Mobile

You can opt to deactivate NCPR or DND services at any time whenever you want to.

  • SMS STOP to 1909
  • Call on 1909 and follow the guidance given by IVR so that you will be directed towards the option from where you can easily deactivate the DND service.

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DND FAQs Answered

There are a few questions often asked by the customers regarding DND services and they are being answered for all so that you get to know full details.

  • DND services will not stop calls and messages received from Banks, Online Ticket Confirmation system and other similar alerts.
  • A DND request takes almost 7 days to be processed fully but a confirmation message is received by the customer within 24 hours from when requested.
  • 1909 is a toll-free number that can be dialled either to stop or start DND services.
  • A minimum gap of 7 days is recommended to be kept between a request for two services. For example, if you have requested to start DND service then you should at least wait for 7 days to start some other service or stop the requested DND service.


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