iPhone 11 vs Google Pixel 4: Price and Features (Which One To Buy)

iPhone 11 vs Google Pixel 4: Price and Features (Which One To Buy)

Just like the iPhone XR, it maintains a 6.1 inches LCD screen, but the new model has an extra camera lens. It also has some additional amazing features like the A13 Bionic chip, it also supports wi-fi 6 and ultra location tracking.

iPhone 11 vs Google Pixel 4: Price and Features (Which One To Buy)

But wait what we heard is right? iPhone can face stiff competition against the most stunning Google Pixel 4, as it has got the most eye-catching flagship. Though Google has not made its new launch official yet it confirmed in June that the news is real and it also gave a sneak peek to its fans. It is expected to unveil later this year. Much information about the device is not available as it has not been disclosed.

iPhone 11 Front, Back, Side Look
iPhone 11 Front, Back, Side Look

Both the companies are trying to take their launches a level up and this has already created a lot of buzzes around in the market, as people are talking about the new devices and planning to buy their favourite one. If you are planning any one of these then it is sure that you will be shedding a good amount of money. So, it is important to know which one could be the best buy and which device will win the competition.

Google Pixel 4 First Look
Google Pixel 4 First Look

Specifications Comparison (iPhone 11 vs Google Pixel 4)

Talking about the specifications of each phone, Apple has got a new chip of A13 processor, the process is also the latest which is the second-gen 7nm. To provide the customers with a seamless experience and fastest software it has the all-new ios 13. Whereas, Google pixel is believed to have Snapdragon 855 with 6GB RAM, which is still good but not as great as what its competitors are giving.

After working on their processors they came to the battery life and have decided to give great battery back-up to its customers, battery life works great on both iOS and Android platforms. Google has two cameras on the rear, a 12 megapixels sensor, and a 16-megapixel telephoto sensor. It also has a front-facing camera with an infrared sensor and illuminator for facial recognition.

Google  Pixel4 Demo
Google Pixel4 Demo (Image Source: Twitter

iPhone has a resolution of 1,782 by 828 pixels, and it offers a resolution of 326 pixels per inch. It also has a True Tone display that adapts colours according to its surroundings. Whereas, on the other hand, Pixel has will have a screen of 5.7 inches with a refresh rate of 90 Hz. There is a rumour regarding the resolution of Pixel 4 and it is believed to show a resolution of 2,280 pixels by 1,080 pixels. This, it is believed to have a higher pixel density.

iPhone11 Night Mode Picture
iPhone11 Night Mode Picture (Image Credit: Awiral Kumar Das)

Both the lenses of iPhone offer 12-megapixels, software smart enabled advanced HDR. It also has a portrait mode that blurs the background.

iPhone11 Back Camera Picture
iPhone11 Back Camera Picture  (Image Credit: Awiral Kumar Das)

Security Features (iPhone 11  Wins the race)

Face ID is expected to be improved in the new iPhone 11 and this time your phone will get unlocked even when kept on the desk. Isn’t that cool enough? Face ID will also come with a wider angle this time and it will get unlocked even from far distances.

Google has also revealed that its phones will have Face ID and it will get unlocked with facial recognition. But, you will have to touch the phone and lift it to unlock, unlike the iPhone. In Google, you can simply unlock the phone by approaching it. A radar system known as Soli will be introduced by Google that can sense little motions around the phone, and by recognizing the gestures gets unlocked and lets you enter it.

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Till now the iPhone has the most powerful face sensors, but as planned by Google if everything works right than the features introduced by Google can overtake.

Feature of Apple iPhone XI
Feature of Apple iPhone XI

Launch And Price

Apple has introduced its new iPhone 11 on September 20 , Price in India is Rs 64,900 on Amazon and Flipkart but Google has not yet made its new model official. Though it is expected to come live in the first week of October. Google has not yet revealed the price of its launch but will be cheaper than iPhone for sure.

Final Verdict

With both the top companies competing, this time it is all about new face recognition features, a better processor for fastest experience, camera, etc. Apple is giving three lenses in a single phone, whereas Google has planned to change its inception characteristics. The selling price of Google is lower than that of Apple and so it can be a win-win situation for both the companies. It may depend on your decision, which one you want to try your hands on. As it may take a hands-on trial on both the phones before revealing which one would be a great pick. Apple has also come with a newcomer feature which is the Night Mode. The battle of the best smartphone will commence with the launch of Google Pixel 4.

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8 Comments on “iPhone 11 vs Google Pixel 4: Price and Features (Which One To Buy)”

  1. It is price worthy
    Android 10 make this mobile very fast
    Very few jamming issues and that is negligible too, in my experience it is only two times.
    Some android applications like Google lens ,Google translate , Google voice typing keyboard (in your mother tongue also), Google photos, Google search extra works very well in this device, better than any mobile in the world. It helps you a lot in your practical life.
    Camera is fantastic and one among the top in the mobile history.
    The law grade Snapdragon does not hurt you, multitasking is fine and the pages are opening fastly all over, the speed is good.
    I didn’t felt any heat issue till now.
    Battery is good, it supports you a day full. In my experience when I stop the usage at 11:00 p.m. 20% of the battery will still remains there.
    Google assistant is working fantastically in this device. It help you a lot in your daily mobile usage. In my experience I am opening all application in my mobile by using voice command to Google assistant and the Google assistant will do it for me in a fraction of seconds.
    I am writing all this things by using Google voice keyboard, without touching the keyboard I am writing all this things very fastly. It is fast and accurate.
    Friends go ahead, thanks to Google THANK YOU.

    1. Thanks for your valuable feedback Varughes 🙂

  2. Hey could I just point out that I have pretty much all of the features that you were saying the iPhone was better because they had them and I have a pixel 2 😅

    1. Thanks for your feedback Edison, I will cover pixel 4 detail article once it is launched in the market 🙂

  3. You can’t compare Pixel 4 to iPhone 11 because specs are not equivalent. iPhone 11 doesn’t even have an AMOLED display. Equal comparison is iPhone 11 Pro to Pixel 4 and iPhone 11 Pro Max to Pixel 4 XL.

    1. Hi Mark,
      Thanks for your valuable feedback, it not just one factor AMOLED display we take in consideration, in coming articles we will compare iPhone11 Pro with Pixel 4XL 🙂

    1. Thanks for your valuable feedback shri 🙂

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