BSNL TO BSNL Balance Transfer (USSD Code)

BSNL To BSNL Balance Transfer

Using a smartphone comes with a lot of additional purchases like recharging your number to text, call or use data. At times, you might have less balance for calling someone. Now if you’re a BSNL user you can ask another BSNL user to transfer you a Rs 10 balance or more. Presently, this facility is applicable only for Prepaid BSNL users and not for Postpaid users. So make sure that you’re using a Prepaid SIM while asking for balance from someone. Moreover, we have also outlined platforms to check BSNL balance online which are pretty simple and easy.

BSNL TO BSNL Balance Transfer (USSD Code)

Easy Ways To Transfer Balance From BSNL To BSNL

Currently, there are only two techniques through which balance transfer can be done on BSNL. Make sure to have a strong network connection before proceeding with these methods as poor network zones may hinder balance transfer. Both the methods are defined below for your reference.

Method 1

Open the messaging application and type REGISTER PTOP and send it to 54455. BSNL will send you a 6-digit code (toll-free) on your number post which you’ll be eligible to transfer balance to prepaid BSNL users. Now, to transfer the balance type SMS and send it to 54456. Follow the prompts displayed by the BSNL and transfer balance effortlessly to your friends and family.

Method 2

Type GIFT <Mobile Number> < Amount > and send it to 53733 or 53738. In a few minutes, you’ll receive a confirmation message stating that the balance has been transferred from your BSNL number to another BSNL number.

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Important Details About BSNL To BSNL Balance Transfer

There are a few necessary points you need to be aware of before transferring the balance to a BSNL number. All the details have been mentioned below.

  • You need to have a minimum balance of Rs 100-200 on your BSNL number to transfer the balance to someone else who uses a BSNL number
  • You can transfer balance only in multiples of Rs 10, Rs 20, Rs 50, etc
  • You can only make 5 balance transfers in a month
  • Rs 3 or 10% service charge will be deducted on transferring the balance to BSNL
  • If you’re transferring the balance to a Prepaid BSNL number then make sure to have Rs 50 or more talktime balance on your number after sharing the balance

5 Quick Methods To Check BSNL Balance

Now if you’ve sent a BSNL balance and want to keep track of your existing balance then consider using the below-mentioned methods. Reviewing balance is also essential so that you don’t land in troublesome situations where you’re unable to call or text someone. Apart from this, checking data balance helps in avoiding excessive data consumption. You can set data limits and track your data usage, its validity, and expiry date. Talking about the BSNL balance check, here’s the step-by-step guide for the same.

  • Through USSD Code: Dial *123# from the dialling pad. All the details regarding your BSNL balance will pop up on your screen. If you’re running on low balance then recharge your BSNL number immediately. Alternatively, you can dial *124*1# or 123*6# also to check your BSNL balance. However, if you want to check SMS balance then dial *125# and get SMS balance details.
  • Through Text Message: Go to Messages type “BAL” and send it to 121. Complete details regarding your current balance, last expiry date, data used, and left will be delivered to you.
  • Through BSNL App: Now if you’ve recently purchased and activated a BSNL number and are wondering how to check its balance then the BSNL app is also a platform to consider. You can install the BSNL App from the Play Store or App Store and register into the application. Once registration is done, search for the Prepaid/Postpaid option on the home screen and tap on it. You’ll find all the balance details visible on the screen.
  • Through BSNL Website: For this, you’ve to access the official BSNL website and register if you’re a new user. Old users need to log in using the relevant credentials and enter OTP for verification. Now, tap on the ‘Recharge on your Left Tab’ option and then ‘Check Balance’ to review your BSNL balance online.
  • Contact Customer Support: BSNL to BSNL Balance Transfer can also be done by dialling 1500 and speak with customer care representative. Upon connecting with them, confirm your identity and request them to provide you with existing balance information.

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If you’re a BSNL user who doesn’t have access to an internet connection to recharge your balance online then you can ask a BSNL user in your contacts to transfer balance so that you can communicate with whoever you want. Although, there are no deduction charges for the receiver but if you want you can ask them to transfer the balance back once they recharge their number.

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