How Do I Test If Flash Player Is Working

The Adobe Flash Player allows you to play the files of SWF format with animated form and audio, video, these videos were interactive and thus, many games of SWF format by various developers are made which were supported on the Adobe flash player. The Flash player was later also released in many mobile operating systems including Apple IOS, Symbian, Java, Android, Blackberry and many more. Flash Players apart from SWF format supports formats like XML, JSON, AMF, MP3, FLV, JPG, GIF and many other formats. The later updates of the flash player have a better security control and a better interface, also the webcam support and better graphics rendering is included in the latest versions.

Steps To Test Version And Updating The Flash Player

  • In order to test your Adobe flash player you can visit Adobe’s test site for if the Adobe flash player is installed on your device,
  • Adobe’s website will allow you to test your player by the means of playing an animation and the current version of the player installed on your device will be displayed on the site.
  • If the website shows a pop-up to update the flash player the newer version will be available on the website itself, you will be needed to download and install it to use the flash player conveniently.

Troubleshooting The Flash Player

  • Adobe flash player might be needed to troubleshoot if it is not working properly even after being updated.
  • For this there is another website by Adobe for troubleshooting the flash player, this can be visited by clicking on the help page on the Adobe website.
  • For this first you will need to install the latest version of the player, in case you have chrome you will need not to install the latest version of the player as chrome itself updated the adobe player to the latest version.

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Testing The Flash Player

  • There is an easy way to test whether the adobe flash player is working or not, this can be done by visiting adobe’s help page
  • Page will display steps of troubleshooting and testing the adobe player you will need to scroll down to the 5th step where you will see a box where an animation is being displayed, if the animation is playing on your device then the flash player is working correctly and you can watch other supported content by the help of it without any restrictions.
  • If it is not working then you might need to enable it in your browser as often it is disabled automatically because of some restriction on your computer.
Troubleshooting And Testing Adobe Player
Troubleshooting And Testing Adobe Player

Third Party Website Testing For Flash Player

  • There are also many third-party websites which allow you to check whether the flash player is working or not, you can visit “”in order to test your flash player this website will also inform you that whether the flash player on your device is enabled or not and will display the version of the player installed on your device.
  • In case you are seeing an error which says ‘site needs a flash’ even after the flash player is installed on your device you will need to follow different steps according to the browser you are using for Mozilla and Chrome you will need to update the flash player first and then to allow or set the flash player to always active from the site settings option of your browser.

“The time of the adobe flash player is phasing out as all the sites are switching to HTML standard although the flash player is still needed for many sites which have yet not switched.”


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