Query Check: How To Delete Chegg Question

Are you looking out for any mathematics query but unable to Google it, therefore trying Chegg for the same? If yes, then we will suggest you know more about Chegg because many users are still finding out the queries that are related to Chegg such as how to delete Chegg questions etc. In this article, we will provide deep knowledge about every aspect of Chegg and how to delete Chegg questions if you have mistakenly added them to Chegg.

Know About Chegg

Chegg is one of the tutorial companies in America where queries are answered in the form of books and tutoring. Anyone can join Chegg as a student or a teacher, it depends on your role and what part you want to carry on. If you want to play a part of a student, take the Chegg subscription and ask your queries without any fear. You will not be limited to a certain range of questions. You can ask anything starting from the doubts you are facing in your homework or if you want to attend some online lectures. Do remember, Chegg does not provide free service, you have to purchase its subscription.

If you are willing to join Chegg but as a teacher in your mastered subject, you have to apply as the expert of that particular subject on Chegg. To become a tutor on Chegg, you have to clear a basic online test. After getting enrolled on Chegg as a tutor, provide answers to the students and earn money.

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How To Delete Chegg’s Question?

Yes, you can surely delete the questions on Chegg by following some basic parameters which are mentioned below:

  1. Being a tutor on Chegg, you can surely delete the answer that you have posted. But if you have also posted a question just like the students, then also you can delete it. For instance, if you have posted an answer to a query raised by any student but later on it seems to be wrong, you have the option to edit or delete the answer that you have provided on Chegg.
  2. A student after posting a question on Chegg can delete the question only if none of the teachers has provided the answer. If the student has received the answer to his question, then he cannot delete the question.

If you have access to the Chegg account or you have selected the study pack of Chegg, you can see all the posted questions along with their posted answers. All the posted questions and their answers are accessible to all the Chegg users who have subscribed to the study pack. If you are giving a thought to how to delete Chegg’s question, then you should know the fact that it can only be done until none of the tutors has answered it. If you face any problem with any of the posted answers or questions, simply report it to Chegg. Chegg will further investigate if the question or answer is genuine or not. If it is not genuine, Chegg will take strict actions against it.

Steps To Delete Chegg Question

  • Step 1: Visit Chegg, fill in your login credentials, and log in.
  • Step 2: Tap on the option of ‘Questions’ present at the top of the navigation bar.
  • Step 3: Select the question that you wish to delete.
  • Step 4: Tap on the option of ‘Delete Question’.
  • Step 5: For confirmation, select the option of ‘Yes, Delete this question’. You have successfully deleted the posted question on Chegg.

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Chegg Questions Anonymity

  • The posted questions on Chegg are usually anonymous. Nobody can find out who has posted which question. But the users can see your questions and they might answer them as well if they have enrolled themselves as a teacher.
  • If any professor finds out that there’s a copied question, they’ll immediately report the student to Chegg for violating the honor code. In these cases only, Chegg might reveal the student identity who violated the honor code.
  • If you want to know detailed information about your queries on any subject, Chegg is a good option for you. But don’t use Chegg for cheating either in examinations or in your homework. It’s illegal to copy the online examination and assignment via Chegg.

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Chegg is one of the popular American companies that serve all the doubts raised by the students. At times, there can be a few complicated doubts that can be a little confusing for the tutor as well. For instance, the prime doubt asked by most Chegg users is how to delete Chegg questions. For getting excellence in the journey of education, the sources of education must also be excellent whether you require the answers, programming applications for studying, accounting websites for homework solutions, or language. The brief on Chegg provided in this article might be enough to find out if you should go for it to solve your doubts or not.

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