Instant Way To Fix Error 54 On iPhone : Multiple Methods

What is an iPhone error 54? An Error 54 is a permission error that often occurs when you try to sync files with a locked computer or a computer that does not have permission to access iTunes files or content. In addition to error 54, other unknown iTunes errors are common such as error 0xE8000015, error 3194, and error 3150.

Common causes of iPhone / iTunes unable to sync error 54

Cause 1: While syncing locked iPhone with iTunes this may occur “iPhone [device name] could not be synced. An unknown error 54 occurred.”
Cause 2: iTunes does not work properly due to the firewall setting on the Windows PC or Mac computer or other third-party security software.
Cause 3: Your iTunes version, iOS software version, Windows operating system, or macOS version has expired or maybe the system lacks some important components to ensure smooth iPhone/iTunes synchronization.

At times, while trying to synchronize (sync) the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with the computer, you may see a warning: “iPhone [device name] could not be synced. An unknown error occurred (54).”

This may happen when the file is on your computer or iOS or when the iPadOS device is locked. Click “OK” to continue synchronization.

An Instant way to fix an error 54

Step 1: Open iTunes on your Mac system by clicking on Apple and then select the “Software Update” option.
Step 2: Then connect the iPhone to iTunes and connect it to the lighting cable, turn off sync music, sync TV shows, and sync podcasts in iTunes.
Step 3: Click the sync button. This will clean your iPhone, but it will not erase iTunes data.
Step 4:Now your iPhone is free, there is no storage space and error issue.
Step 5:Remove the iPhone from the lighting cable.
Step 6: Put your iPhone in off mode by holding down the sleep/wake button in the top sidebar.
Step 7: Now press and hold the sleep button again to turn on the iPhone.
Step 8: Reconnect your iPhone to your Mac system via iTunes.
Step 9: Select to display iPhone in iTunes device options (display connected devices). From Mac iTunes, select only the media you want to save on the iPhone.
Step 10: Click the sync option.

If the content is unable to sync, please perform the following procedure

Step 1: Restart your computer and iOS or iPadOS device.
Step 2: Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes and the latest software update for your device if you use iTunes on macOS Mojave or a PC.

If the problem remains, try the following procedure to solve iPhone error 54

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1. Combine media files on your computer

Media files in the music application or iTunes library can be stored in multiple locations. Try to merge your files into one library.

2. Check for problems with third-party security software

Some third-party software (including security software) may inhibit the synchronization procedure between the computer and the other prominent technical devices. Change the settings of the security software to see if it resolves the problem.

3. Try to sync content in small amounts

Only a small amount of content is synchronized at a time. So, keep on adding more content until you see the error again. Furthermore, you will eventually know the root cause of this problem.

4. Delete content and download again

If there is a problem with the content in the iTunes Store, delete the content and download it again or download the content directly to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

5. Delete and re-import content

If the content does not belong to iTunes Store, delete it, and then re-import it from the source. This could solve your iPhone error 54.

6. PDF files should be deleted from the sync process

The transfer of iTunes purchases from your iOS or iPadOS device to the computer causes this error. This can also happen when trying to sync with Apple Books because it uses the same procedure. If so, there may be a problem with the PDF file saved in the “Books” app on the iOS device.
To resolve this issue, use the sharing option in the “Books” application on your device to email the PDF to yourself. This will save a copy of the PDF file in your email account and send it to the email address of your choice, which you can access from your computer. Then delete the PDF file from your device.

7. Changing iTunes permissions

Hence error 54 is a permission error; you can fix it by changing the permissions of the iTunes folder or the original file/folder. Just follow these steps and then you’re good to go with iPhone error 54.
Step 1: Open Windows Explorer
Step 2: Go to the music folder and right-click on the iTunes folder
Step 3: Open properties and uncheck read-only.
Recover lost data while fixing the problem
Some of the methods mentioned above require you to delete files to fix these errors. If something goes wrong during the deletion process, the data recovery tool EaseUS MobiSaver

will allow you to recover unlimited data from iPhone, iPad, or iPod in just three simple steps.

Step 1: Connect iPhone to PC and start EaseUS MobiSaver. Select the phone in the recovery mode from the iOS device, and then click the scan button to continue.
Step 2: Wait for EaseUS MobiSaver to finish the scanning procedure and find all files.
Step 3: Preview and select the files to be backed up,
Step 4: Click the “Restore” button to export and save these files to the computer or other external storage devices.

These were our solutions for iPhone error 54.

Conclusion for iPhone error 54

Almost all iOS users once encounter this iTunes error 54 while syncing iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch via iTunes to transfer data to the device. Since this error message only gives you one option to choose from, which is great, there is nothing you can do when it appears. If you click OK, the synchronization process may continue, but if not, the tips and tricks listed and explained above will help you out.


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