7 Basic Tools To Identify Font From An Image

While browsing any site for a particular image, you might have encountered text written on it. Such images can be used for advertising or to display any other information. Seeing an image with text is an ordinary thing but what’s not ordinary is knowing the font of the text. Fortunately, you can get some online tools that can help you to Identify Font From An Image with ease. Here, we have given a brief description of some of the best online tools that you can use for the same.

Checkout Best Online Tools To Identify Font From An Image

Number 1: WhatFontIS Website

You can use this site to ‘Identify Font From An Image’ from anywhere where you can find a text. For instance, if you are visiting a restaurant and want to know the font written on its banner, while reading a quote from a book, checking out the medicine label, or anything else, you can use WhatFontIS. To use WhatFontIS, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Direct towards any web browser and type ‘WhatFontIs’ in the search bar and hit ‘Enter’.
  • Step 2: You’ll be directed to the home page of the site where you can drag and drop the image to identify its text font or the URL of the image and let the tools identify the text font.
  • Step 3: After you are done with the second step, tap on the option of ‘Find the Font’.
    The feature of identifying a font from an image or its URL is one of the best features of WhatFontIS.
Note: If you don’t want to put the entire image, you can crop the image to put the specific portion into a scan that will generate at least 60 free font styles similar to the font you searched for. The catalogue of WhatFontIS contains a maximum of 850,000 fonts.

Number 2: WhatFont

This tool somewhere resembles WhatFontIS. The only factor that differentiates the two is that WhatFont does not accept the URLs of the image. It’s necessary to upload an image whose font you want to identify. After uploading the image successfully, it’s on you either to flip it or crop it for emphasizing a particular text. This tool can analyze every type of image. For instance, it can be used to detect text fonts on a computer image, white background,  typed, or handwritten image. It will identify the font accurately and will display a few similar fonts. If those fonts are available for free, you can even download them. You can access this tool on both iOS and Android devices.

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Number 3: Font Matcherator

If you want to identify some unique texts that are written on a particular image or used in a specific region, we recommend you, use the advanced options of Font Matcherator. Font Matcherator can be used to identify a symbol set, language, and regions in place of texts. It will help you in detecting the exact font of a logo or any specific design without depending on the default results of the other tools. To narrow down your search results, you have to select any of the following categories:

  • Serif
  • Sans-Serif
  • Monospace
  • Hand-drawn
  • Dingbats

Number 4: Font In logo

Finding out the fonts of different styles helps in discovering the latest and trending options. To find out the font being used by a particular brand, Font In Logo is the perfect online tool that you can use. You need to simply type the brand name and check if their data is available in the database of the tool. To find out the font of the brand name, tap on the search results and check out the font name used by the company or the brand. To create the best logo, the first step is to identify the correct typeface. Although you can find numerous pieces of advice on the internet to identify the correct typeface but the correct identification comes after you try and learn. Try out numerous fonts after creating a simple logo and check which one fits perfectly.

Number 5: IdentiFont

There’s no proof claiming IdentiFont is the best Font identifier tool but it claims to be the interesting one. The reason is, you can search the font in multiple ways other than finding out via typing the name. For instance, you can search for a font according to its look, similarity, designer, and symbol. It might not be as intuitive but can be effective. Searching for a font based on designers displays a list of popular fonts published by famous font designers like Google Web Fonts. It’s the best tool to find an alternative to a font that resembles the font that you have used already.

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Number 6: Font Squirrel

Another great option for searching for free fonts of legit quality. Font Squirrel consists of an immense font collection from where you can browse the font and select the one that suits you perfectly. In addition to this, you also have a feature of uploading an image to the identifier tool of Font Squirrel. It can identify any type of Font from any image. All you have to do is, upload the image. The tool will detect the font and display similar fonts that you can even download.

Number 7: WhatFont Plugin

WhatFont is a popular Google Chrome extension that is famous for its versatility. You can identify the fonts of any website using WhatFont Plugin. Web designers access this tool for identifying web page font. After setting up and installing this Google Chrome extension, click on the ‘Shortcut’ of the WhatFont available in the extension menu. Browse any web page on Google Chrome, WhatFont Plugin will detect the font name. The proprietary algorithm of this site helps in detecting the exact font style. This is the easiest method of detecting the font from any website.

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To identify a font from an image is quite annoying. Therefore, development in accomplishing such tasks is not new in the developing world of technology. That’s why here we are giving a brief on the best tools that can help you to identify a font from an image. But remember, the image you are uploading should be of high quality else the results might not be accurate.

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