RailWire Broadband Review: Positive & Negative Aspects

Since 2020 life has changed for everyone around the world. Working style has changed and everything has shifted to digital. School and work are now being conducted from home. Work-From-Home is the new norm now. Therefore, a safe, secure, and high-speed internet service is required in every household. Covid-19 saw more households getting Wi-Fi connections than ever. If you are getting a new broadband plan, or are thinking of changing your broadband or just simply getting another broadband, you must be researching about various broadbands. In this article, we have written a fair review on RailWire Broadband, which may help you in your research.

Positive Aspects Of RailWire Broadband

  • High Speed: The speed of the RailWire Broadband is very high. In most circles, the speed sometimes exceeds the speed mentioned in the plan. Many users have reported that their internet speed increases when they are uploading something from the internet. The speed even reaches 1.2-1.3 Mbps. Hence, if you work with clients out of the country or you are a school student, this will provide you high-speed internet.
  • Available At Remote Locations: RailWire is available in a lot of locations. It has various plans in cities, towns, etc. Apart from these RailWire provides its services to remote towns, and villages. Therefore, if you have had to shift to your hometown worry not. You can blindly go for this broadband.
  • Variety Of Plans: A wide array of plans are available across many cities and regions across the company. There are various plans like Unlimited Home Plans, SME Plans, etc.
  • Giving Back to Society: RailWire gives back to the society for its well-being. Almost 54% of the revenue is given to the society to provide livelihoods of the people by creating job opportunities for them.

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Negative Aspects Of RailWire Broadband

  • Customer Service: Bad customer service is a common complaint of many RailWire Broadband users. Many users complain that they could not reach customer care even after calling them more than 2-3 times. When they get through to a customer care agent, the problem is given no solutions.
  • Not Suitable for Gamers: If you are a professional gamer or simply play games in your free time, this is might not be a good option for you. This is because they have too many blacklisted IP ranges in their netblocks. This might lead to you facing problems in the middle of a game.
  • Expensive Plans:The installation fee along with the cost of plans is quite expensive. The high installation fee is because of the Local Cable Operators. Based on the cost of plans, the speed promised to users is not provided. Often users have complained that the internet speed was lower than what they paid for.
  • Unstable Internet: Internet service is not stable in many circles. Many customers have complained of a lot of fluctuations in the internet speed. Customers have also complained about having to keep a backup of another service provider. Apart from this, the internet connection gets cut off for hours and days at a length.

In Conclusion

Though the speed is good in some circles, in many places people have complained about slow speed. Therefore, before taking RailWire Broadband Connection, ask some friends and acquaintances about it. Whatever service you choose, you may face some common problems like fluctuations in your internet services. If you live in a remote area and have very options available, you may go for RailWire. We hope you found some helpful information that will help you in your research for the perfect broadband service.


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