Unique Methods to Resolve the Avast High Disk Usage Issue

The Problem

Are you confused with the high usage of the disk by avast in your computer and want some easy tested solutions to resolve them. This article will give you a brief description of this topic. Go and check the ‘Avast Behavior Shield Memory’ to know the reason for the high usage of the disk by Avast. You will get to know the various reasons for the cause of this issue.

Though Avast antivirus is one the popular and demanding tools of resource because its services can perform many operations such as a full scan of the virus, clean up, and scanning of the background. This procedure is important for the device but can at times turn into a frustrating issue that insists the user disable the services of Avast.
One such issue is the ‘Avast high disk usage’ that compels the user to uninstall AVAST.

The Reason

Causes creating Avast high disk usage:

  • Using task manager will display ‘avastsvc.exe’ on the system of 32 bit that makes the avastsvc.exe services visible.
  • At times, the incorrect configuration of the system settings or the windows registry’s irregular entries also leads to such issues.
  • The user can even look at the process of ‘ntoskrnl.exe’ that might use a huge space of CPU and RAM.

The Solution

Method 1: Device restart

Step 1: Go to the ‘Start menu. Select ‘Power’ and then ‘Restart’.

“This solution can be a wonder as the device restart can flush out the RAM usage of the device that can stop the data bogging and the task of short-terms that bring down the device. It enhances the device performance and plugs leaks out of the memory.”

Method 2: Virus checks

  • Creating malware by any hacker is an easy task that can target any of the system parts that includes the device’s hard disk as well. Windows Defender does not protect the user from cybercrimes such as phishing.
  • These malware or viruses can be one of the many reasons for Avast’s high disk usage. The availability of various powerful and free options of antivirus software has the potential to snuff out such attacks.
  • Use the Avast antivirus software to eradicate the malware after scanning the device’s hard disk. Check the device 24/7 for protecting the device from unknown threats or viruses.

Method 3: Cleaning of Junk files

Step 1: Search for the ‘disk Cleanup’ from the search bar and click on the result.
Step 2:

Select the drive you wish to clean and choose ‘OK’.
Step 3: In the option of ‘files to delete, select the file types you wish to remove. Select the option of ‘Temporary Internet File’ and ‘Downloaded Program Files and click on ‘OK’.
Step 4: To create more space, you can click the recycle bin files as well.

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Method 4: Flash Player Uninstallation

Step 1: To download the flash uninstaller, click on the link ‘Adobe uninstaller link’.
Step 2: At the left side bottom part, the user will see the ‘downloaded file for the uninstaller. Select ‘Yes’ if the choice comes to change the device with the app.
Step 3: Choose ‘Uninstall’ after the opening of the uninstaller.
Step 4: Go with the displayed instructions on the screen and restart the device.

Method 5: Virtual memory reset

Step 1: Press the ‘Pause/break + Windows key’ simultaneously.
Step 2: Select the ‘Advanced system settings’ present on the windows left side.
Step 3: Choose ‘Settings’ located under the performance section advanced tab.
Step 4: Choose ‘Change’ in the advanced tab virtual memory section.
Step 5: Uncheck the checkboxes of ‘Automatically manage paging file size for all drivers. Choose ‘Drive’ and check the ‘Custom Size’ checkbox and set the virtual memory values. Select ‘Set’ and then ‘OK’.
Step 6: Delete the temporary files of the computer. Press the ‘R + Windows key’. Type ‘temp’ in the displayed window and click ‘OK.
Step 7: Choose every file present in the temp folder and delete it.

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A single possible error or its combination can create the Avast high disk usage. You need to manage each corner of the windows system but it will become difficult for you. Overcome this task with the help of ‘Avast Cleanup’. It scans the device and checks its peak performance. It fixes issues of hard disk storage, browser cleanup, bloatware removal, windows registry cleanup, etc. Avast cleanup maintains the device after the device optimization and updates the important apps automatically.
All the services of the windows become fast after the implementation of Avast Cleanup and also helps to maintain the device perfectly. If you got stuck in any section of this article, ping us in the comment section. We will be reverting to your doubts soon.

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