Stalkers Hunt: Tell if Someone Viewed Your Snapchat Story More Than Once

Snapchat is gaining popularity day by day because of its unique features that help everyone to interact and be in touch with their acquaintances even though they live far away from them. Snapchat relies on the ‘Lost’ concept. If you send any Snap or message on Snapchat, it will vanish as soon as it crosses the time limit of 24 hours and if you want to make it disappear just after the message is viewed, you can do that too. The same goes for the story and it also vanishes after 24 hours. Just like snaps, people view your stories too more than once at times maybe because they liked them or maybe they want to find out about your whereabouts.

If you add something to your Snapchat story, your added friends can see it but just for 24 hours. It is the best way of sharing some beautiful moments of your life or the day with your friends. Snapchat stories have a few facts that sound cool, one of them is that you can find out how many of your friends viewed your Snapchat story. You’ll get a list of people who saw your story on Snapchat. As you are well aware of the fact that the Snapchat story is available for 24 hours, so anyone can see it as many times they want. Normal snaps disappear just after you see them, but it does not apply to the stories. Now you must be thinking, can we tell if someone viewed your Snapchat story more than once or not? Well, the answer lies in the upcoming sections of this article, so you are advised to read it thoroughly.

Snapchat Story

Just like the story feature of Instagram, Snapchat also provides a way to share moments of happiness with our acquaintances by putting it up on a Snapchat story that lasts long for 24 hours, and then it vanishes. It’s on you that with whom you want to share your Snapchat story by modifying some settings of your Snapchat story section. Snapchat users can keep a tab to know the count of story viewers and their names as well. If you add any video to your Snapchat story but the viewer is just seeing a part of it before it closes, you won’t be able to see their name in the tab.

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Method To Check Who Viewed Your Snapchat Story

There is a way that can help you to find out the total number of viewers of your Snapchat story along with their names. Check out the steps mentioned below to know the same.

  • Step 1: Visit Snapchat and tap your finger on the ‘Your Story’ icon present on the top-left side.
  • Step 2: Select the option of ‘My Story’ present beneath the option of ‘My Stories’.
  • Step 3: Choose any of your uploaded stories to find out the viewers.
  • Step 4: As soon as your story gets loaded, you can swipe up or tap your finger on the option of ‘View Count’ in the form of an ‘Eye’ icon.
  • Step 5: The moment you select the eye icon, you’ll see a list of people who saw your story.

Any Notifications of a Replayed Snapchat Story?

If anybody is seeing your Snapchat story again and again you won’t be notified by Snapchat. You will also not know how many times they replayed your story. You can just find out the total number of views and the people who viewed your Snapchat story. Checking out the story does not come under active interaction, therefore you won’t receive any notification when somebody plays or checks out your story.

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Ways to Tell if Someone Viewed Your Snapchat Story More Than Once?

There is no exact technique that will help you to find out the number of times a person has played your Snapchat story. But don’t let your hopes die, because there is a way that can help you to find out if somebody has tried out to watch your Snapchat story again and again. Remember that this method will not tell you the exact number of your story getting replayed by that person who viewed it multiple times. To check out who replayed your Snapchat story multiple times, all you need to do is to compare the list of current viewers to the earlier ones. As discussed earlier, apply the method that provides you with the viewer’s list and compare the list.

The list generated by Snapchat is according to the sequence of the latest story viewer. It means that the name you will see on the top has recently watched the story whereas the name present at the end of the list was the first person to watch it. If you want to find out who watches your Snapchat story multiple times, you need to keep a watch on the Snapchat story viewers list at equal intervals. If you see a name that was earlier seen below in the list is now coming at the top, it means that the person replayed your story more than once.

Tips to Check & Tell if Someone Viewed Your Snapchat Story More Than Once

  • You need to take the screenshot of the viewers’ list at equal intervals to know who is trying to watch your story more than once.
  • Keep your stories private. The fewer the viewers are, the easier it will become for you to find out who replayed your snap.
  • Try not to keep the list of viewers open. If it is left open, it will not populate. You have to close it and open it again.
  • If you doubt a person whose name is coming at the top of the list, just ask any of your friends to check out your story and watch the list again if his/her name again shifts at the top of the list. If it does, then it means that the particular person has watched your story multiple times.

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There’s no specific technique that will tell if someone viewed your Snapchat story more than once but there is a way that can help you to find out if somebody is watching your story again and again. This is also a good way to know if anyone is trying to stalk your activities or not or if somebody is obsessed with you. Try it out and let us know if this trick worked out for you or not.

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