Tesla Car Launch In India With Price {Tesla Model 3,S,X}

Tesla has been ranking as one of the best selling electric car companies worldwide and is all set to launch some of it’s newly manufactured electric cars to the customers. The launch date is still not out but most probably would take place in the year of 2021-2022 and already there’s a huge buzz for such a mega launch in India. The company is looking forward to launch the three biggest models in the upcoming year which is Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S, and Tesla Model X at a huge scale. Moreover, Tesla Model 3 is under the category of outstanding Sedan cards developed by Tesla and is being recommended to most of the customers for future purchase. It’s also known as the flagship of Model S because it’s also categorised as Sedan Cars. The other two launches Tesla Model X and Tesla Model Y are listed as SUV cars with electrifying and illuminating features.

Price List For Prominent Tesla Models:

Model  Expected Price
Tesla Model 3 Rs. 60.00 Lakh
Tesla Model S Rs 1.50 Crore
Tesla Model X Rs 2.00 Crore
Tesla Model Y Rs 50.00 lakh

Model 3 would be launched at the initial stage and is said to be priced around the whopping amount of 60 lakhs which is an enormous expense but the features it’s embedded with makes it a worthy choice to pay for immediately. The features are extremely eye-catching and comprise of a small nip, tuck, and rearview drive. Soon it would also be asserted as the largest electronic Sedan car in India after being placed at Sale in the coming year and results would be defined in big profits.

Tesla Model 3

Till now Tesla has manufactured 54,805 units of Model S and Model X, but as per the reports, only 57,309 units have been allocated to customers. Despite the of all this the main source of sales profit has been collected from entry-level cars, i.e,  Model 3 and Model Y and till now 4,54,932 units have been created by Tesla and 4,42,511 units have said to be distributed to the customers. Overall, out of 5,09,737 manufactured electric cars Tesla successfully delivered 4,99,550 units to customers.

Tesla Model X

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Though pandemic has drastically affected most of the Indian and Global markets but there was a huge increment seen in the economical revenue generated by Tesla and electrical cars were brought by loads of customers in the previous year too. It’s also said that numbers can also scale up at a much higher level in the upcoming year because the three biggest launches by Tesla is all set to damp and dazzle amongst the automobile industries.

Tesla Model S

Moreover, before establishing its own Giga factory here Tesla would perform a test on the Indian water flow system to evaluate certain aspects as per the technical requirements. Tesla owners have been producing stunning and remarkable bunch of electric cars which have been gaining an immense amount of popularity in the market.


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