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Vodafone SMS Center Number

An SMS center is officially appointed to keep a check on the SMS operations of a wireless network. It primarily acts as an anchor for the users. When an SMS is sent to another user, it first reaches the SMS center. They then forward the same message to its destination. Read this article to know more about the Vodafone SMS Center Number.

First, let us know a bit more about the Short Message Service Centre number.

What is the SMSC number?

The SMSC number or Short Message Service Centre number is the SS7 node for messaging that is located in the HPLM of a mobile network. This number is provided to mobile subscribers by the company.

How does the phone use the SMSC number?

In this entire procedure, each node in the SS7 network is verified by a global title.

How to update the SMSC number in Android?

The SMSC number can be updated on your Android by following these easy steps.

  1. Firstly, scroll through the icons through your smartphone until you find the message icon on the screen.
  2. Tap it and then press the Menu key.
  3. Moving on, tap on the Settings option.
  4. Press SMS enabled.
  5. Next, tap the Default SMS app.
  6. Click Messaging.
  7. Now return to the home page and it is ready for messaging purposes.

List of Vodafone SMS Center Number

These center numbers vary from state to state. Here’s how you can resolve your issue in case you don’t remember the details about the messaging service.

Kolkata +919830099990
North East +919774099990
Karnataka +919886005444
>Jammu & Kashmir +919796009905
Rajasthan +919839099999
Haryana +919839099999
Himachal Pradesh +919736009911
Assam +919706099990
Delhi +919811009998
Mumbai +919820205446
Gujrat +919825001002
Orissa +919776099990
Telangana +919885005444
Chennai +919885005444
Andra Pradesh +919706099990
Bihar +919823000040
Goa +919823000040
Jharkhand +919709099990

These Vodafone SMS Center Numbers are issued with the idea of providing reliable service to the customers. These centers regulate the process of messaging and ensure that it reaches the destination. Building up such facilities will let the users stay connected through wireless networks. Well, now you know where to find your solution next time you get stuck with an issue like this. These SMSC numbers will ensure that your text reaches its right place in the right order.

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