What Happens When You Block Someone On Snapchat

Blocking someone is a choice, and there might be numerous reasons to block anyone on Snapchat. Maybe the other person has filled your Snapchat inbox with n number of snaps, they do not make you feel comfortable, or for any other personal reason. If you feel like blocking someone, you can and nobody is going to question your decision.

If you have blocked somebody or someone has blocked you, there will be certain things that the other person or you’ll observe after blocking someone or getting blocked by someone. We have answered a question that usually strikes our mind after blocking someone i.e. ‘What happens when you block someone on Snapchat?’ by enlisting a few observations. Go through them and check out, did the person get notified that he/she has been blocked by you?

Observations After Blocking Someone on Snapchat

Remember that if you want to block someone, the specific person doesn’t need to be on your Snapchat friend list. The observations are as follows:

No Snaps From Their Side

If you block a person, there will be no change on the chat page. It technically indicates that they can send you snaps and messages but you’ll not receive those sent snaps and messages. The blocked person will see them as unread messages and you will not get a single notification of their sent snaps and chats. This feature does not let the blocked person know that you have blocked them.

Your Snaps Can Still be Viewed

If you are sending snaps to a blocked person mistakenly, you might think an unopened snap can be deleted after blocking someone. Unfortunately, you can’t. Even if the person is blocked, they can still see your snap.

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Messages And Snaps Will Not be Delivered after Unblocking

As discussed above, the delivered message from the person that you have blocked will not be delivered to you even after you have unblocked them. The message will be in a state of unread message from the blocked person’s side. The same applies to the snaps too sent by the person that has been blocked earlier.

Checking Old Messages

After unblocking them, you need to add them back again. If you do not add them back, there will be no communication. The reason is that, if you block someone, it indirectly unfriends that person too.
After adding them back, you can open the chat and can see all the saved messages and it will look as if the person has never been blocked.

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Removal From The Best Friends List

After blocking someone, the level of interaction drops down to Zero. Snap streaks and Best friends tags are labelled only if you interact on good terms. As the interaction level drops down to zero after blocking them, the person will automatically get eliminated from the list of best friends. You have to interact with them again if you feel like including them in the best friends list again.

Zero Notifications Of Screenshots

If the person blocked by you takes a screenshot of the chat, you will not be notified. But the person that has been blocked will see a notification of taking a screenshot on the chat page. Even after unblocking them, the screenshot notification will not be delivered to you.

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Chats Are Deleted Only From Your Side

After blocking someone, the person is discarded from your account entirely. It also removes the chats with the blocked person. But the blocked person will not see such changes. All the saved chats will be visible to the blocked person.


What happens when you block someone on Snapchat? Overall it says that, if a person gets blocked by his/her acquaintance, they will not be notified. All the changes will be seen only from your side. Therefore, if you want to block anyone without letting them know, you can. There will be no conflicts between the two of you until and unless any third person notifies them that they have been blocked by you.

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