Evaluating Safety & Legitimacy

Anime, which refers to Japanese animated shows (in general, but also movies), has created a significant buzz in these recent years. Now, anime has become mainstream throughout the world, and it has become a global phenomenon. With famous anime like One Piece, Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer, or Naruto having a mass appeal and catering to worldwide audiences, more and more people want to watch anime and are fans of anime. But streaming or getting access to all anime even today is challenging, despite its globalisation. And, more often than not, people still want to avoid paying to watch content if they have the option. Thus arrive, various free websites stream anime.

There are numerous free online anime websites offering copyrighted content which would typically cost money to watch, for free. A major site that has garnered a lot of attention is, which offers thousands of anime shows and movies for free, with English dubbing and subbing, and high-quality content. It has all the latest anime releases and thus has a lot of fans who always watch their favourite anime from this site, which even has a subreddit for the community. However, with countless websites emerging in the digital landscape, it’s essential to thoroughly evaluate the safety and legitimacy concerns before diving into the realm of streaming. In this article, we will be reviewing and checking whether it is safe and legitimate to watch anime online.

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How Do Online Anime Sites Operate?

First, we need to understand how online anime sites get away with streaming copyrighted content. The series and movies they showcase on their sites are all copyrighted, and as being free websites they also need to get funding. This is how these sites online anime sites operate.

  • Content aggregation– They gather the anime content from various sources, either from official streaming services, fansubbing, or unauthorised sources. Then they combine it and present it on their website.
  • Website management– These sites keep a simple layout and make it easy for the user base to access the library and watch the content of their choice.
  • Hosting- Once the website is done, these sites usually create their servers or use cloud hosting to host their website. Streaming technology ensures smooth playback for the viewer.
  • Monetisation– As these sites are free to access, most anime sites have some sort of advertisements as a way to get the necessary income to keep the sites afloat. This, however, is not the case with, which we will discuss later. These sites may also indulge in affiliate marketing or donations for money.

Are Online Anime Sites Legal?

The short answer is, no. Of course, there are authorised sites such as Crunchyroll or Funimation, which get the rights of the anime from the creating studios before showcasing it. However, most anime websites are not legalised and operate in the grey area between legal and illegal. But the law in most countries does state that the distribution of copyrighted content is punishable by law, and streaming services can count as distribution. The exact legality of these sites is confusing, a loophole they utilise to the fullest, however, it’s generally considered that these free streaming sites, including are illegal.

Japan, from where most anime originates, has strict laws of copyright infringement, leading to the banning of several major websites which were used by anime fans to view content, including the popular site Kissanime. No streaming site can claim that they will be permanently present or even existing in the next month, despite their security measures like domain changes. Many websites utilise this to their advantage by adding malicious ads or malware to earn money, as they fear getting banned or simply want to earn more. That is why, all anime fans have their one go-to site where they watch anime, and most of the time, when you ask somebody what their favourite anime site is, they will say website has established itself deeply in the anime community with a lot of reverence and respect for the website.

6 Reasons Which Lead To Popularity is a fan-favourite anime site which has over 2.18 billion visits and receives massive traffic from anime fans every day. What has made so different that anime fans always prefer going to this site rather than the others?

  • Massive Library- If you name any anime, probably has it. Boasting thousands of anime from all genres ranging from action to fantasy or comedy. From major anime to obscure cult classics, the site has it all.
  • High Quality- The site offers multiple resolution settings, ranging from 360p to 1080p. In addition, it offers both dubbing and subbing on the majority of their anime and has the option to download individual episodes too (which you shouldn’t, as we will discuss later on).
  • No advertisements- Unlike most free online anime websites, offers absolutely no advertisement, making it safe and malware free, with no threat to the user. For the money, it depends on affiliate marketing and donations.
  • Responsive community- Another rare thing for online sites, the moderators and site-running community are responsive and sees the comments on the sites, and offer solutions to their problems. This makes the users prefer watching anime on
  • No registration- Again pushing forward user security, there is no need for registering or making an account on the site. Users can access the entire library or even download whichever anime episode they wish with no need to make an account. This ensures that the user does not submit any details on the site.
  • Regular updates- The site undergoes regular updating, with new episodes dropping daily, as well as numerous bug fixes and website improvements. As mentioned, the community listens to the user base and fixes any issues which they might report.

Is Safe? The Verdict Is Yes

These features described above also make generally safe for users to access and watch their favourite anime, especially compared to its competition. Yes, the website is illegal technically as it’s streaming online content, but as it is malware free with no information of its users stored, there should be no problems in watching its content. However, there are still some concerns. Most notably, while streaming from online movie sites is generally okay, you could end up in some legal trouble if you download content from Now, this most probably would not happen, but the fact remains that harbouring copyrighted content is illegal, so we would advise you to not download any episode or movie from, or any free streaming website as it’s not right.

We also advise using VPNs for hiding your online identity and making the browsing experience better. There are tons of VPNs available across the market ranging from free to priced, including Nord VPN, Warp, and Express VPN, among others. Use whichever suits your need the best. Furthermore, despite the site itself having no ads, there can be redirects and popups, so we strongly recommend using an ad blocker. Also, be sure to visit the original domain of, and not any other domain for there might be the case of scam websites which copy the layout and theme of the original and instead give malware.

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To Conclude remains one of the biggest streaming sites for anime fans, with offerings from every genre with high quality and no ads. It’s safe to view content as long as users remain cautious of their online presence and offers no malware or questionable material. Despite various other free anime streaming websites like Animesuge, AniMixPlay, or, has managed to be on top of the online anime streaming website market, with responsive staff, clean and easy UI, and no worries about safety for the viewer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) What are some of the best anime to watch on

Ans: Anime is a wide medium, with a lot of different series of different genres which have their appeals. However, as a definitive selection, we encourage classics like One Piece, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Death Note or FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, along with more modern picks like Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man or Demon Slayer.

Q) Is the community active?

Ans: Yes! They are arguably the most active online streaming service community, with their own subreddit and discord server, and their Twitter accounts responding to questions and concerns often. It can be checked out on their website.

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