BSNL Message Center Number Of States {USSD Code, Default Settings}

BSNL provides fixed-line services and landlines using CDMA technology through its own extensive optical fiber network. BSNL provides Internet services through dial-up, NetOne, and DataOne forms. BSNL Message Center Number is responsible for all of your Sms services. However, if you have misconfigured the center number you may face several issues in sending and receiving messages. Now, the question is how to fix the BSNL Sms center number? We have come up with a solution where you can always reconfigure your message center number without wasting too much time. We will provide you with the guidelines through which you can change your BSNL SMS center number and sort out the message sending errors. We have also put up a list of BSNL Message Center Numbers for all the states.

What Is The SMS Center Number?

Message center number is one of the important factors that manages the functioning of SMS sending and receiving processes. It is the medium of sending messages from one device to another.

How does it work?

A user sends a message> message reaches SMS center> SMS center forwards the message to its original recipient.

How To Change BSNL SMS Center Number?

There are two ways to change the message center number. The first is through USSD Code and the second is via Default settings:

USSD Code: 

  • First, dial – *#*#4636#*#*
  • Now, you will see four options:
  1. Phone information
  2. Battery information
  3. Usages statistics
  4. WLAN information
  • Next, click on ‘Phone information and scroll down till the time you see the SMSC option.
  • Click on the “refresh” button.
  • Check your current number and change it by using the number mentioned above.
  • Click “update”

Now you have changed your SMS center number successfully.


  • Open the “messages” folder.
  • Click on : > click “settings”.
  • Click on “advanced” settings.
  • Now click on the SMS center.
  • You will see a default BSNL message center number on your screen. Now change this number from the list provided below.
  • Next, click on “Save”.

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BSNL Message Center Number Of States :

States  BSNL Message Center Number
Andhra Pradesh  +91 9440024365
Assam +91 9435024365
Bihar +91 9431224365
Chattisgarh +91 9425201041
Chennai +91 9444024365
Delhi  ___
Goa +91 9422024365
Gujarat +91 9426024365
Haryana +91 9416024365
Himachal Pradesh  +91 9418024365
Jammu & Kashmir  +91 9419024365
Jharkhand +91 9431124365
Karnataka +91 9448024365
Kerala +91 9447024365
Madhya Pradesh +91 9425124365
Kolkata +91 9433024365
Maharashtra +91 9422024365
Mumbai ___
Odisha  +91 9437024365

Now, as we have provided all the details about the BSNL message center number you can easily fix the issues of sending messages. Being a BSNL user you must know about these tricks to have access to the services.

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