How To Check Data Usage In Airtel Broadband | Weekly Usage Analysis

More so often, people exhaust their monthly data way too soon, without even knowing or planning to maintain data usage. It must be pretty frustrating to get your Internet connection cut off mid-way into the monthly usage cycle and having to recharge again. The only way to get rid of this problem is to keep a check on the data usage every month.

If you are a customer of the Airtel Broadband, here is some good news for you. Airtel offers a very simple, quick, and efficient way to track your monthly data usage and help you plan your usage effectively so it can last longer. The subscribers of the Airtel Broadband connection can avail an online service offered by Airtel that allows them to keep a check on the data usage, as well as, recharge and top up their data once they have run out. This online service is called Smartbytes.

Smartbyte is basically an online portal through which acts as your internet usage manager and lets you control all your internet related issues. Smartbytes will let you know how much data is left in your broadband connection in Airtel as well as help you set up the data limit of your daily usage. This will help you a lot as it sends alerts to you when the data usage is close to the limit and thus helps you avoid an untimely exhausted internet connection.

DSL broadband services like Airtel offers you comparatively lower costing plans but comes with very limited data usage. These are ideal for people who do not heavily use the internet every day for instance at home or small offices where just a little data is required. But often, a lot of data gets used up by various software and application updates and any other form of unintended data usage. Once you exhaust all your data, you might not have access to the internet anymore and might be even charged for extra data. Some plans continue to offer you data but at a very low speed. This is why it is imperative to keep a check on how much you use your data on a daily basis.

How To Check Your Data Usage With Airtel Smartbytes?

To check your daily or monthly data usage, you have to just simply visit this URL:

This will work without having to register or login into your account. You just have to visit the site with a compatible browser using your Airtel broadband connection and then click on the Broadband menu. Here, it will show all of your broadband internet data usage details. Along with this, it will also tell you how much high-speed data you have left for the month. You can even buy additional data at high speed if you want from the given URL.

Check Your Data Usage With Airtel Smartbytes

The broadband menu will let you see the monthly plan you have subscribed to. It will also show the amount of data that you have purchased as a top up, how much data is left in your monthly plan, your daily data usage limit (if you have set any) and the date when your monthly data plan will expire.

Week Data Usage Analysis

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How To Purchase Extra Data Using Smartbytes Airtel?

Along with helping you stay within the monthly budget of your internet data plan, Smartbytes also offers you data at low prices. You can avail high-speed data plans at a much more lower price than what you usually pay each month. Before your billing cycle ends, you can top up your plan and purchase some extra high-speed data.

To purchase extra data, all you need to do is open the Smartbytes page and then click on upgrade. Next, select a plan that you require and you will be good to go. You will only be billed at the end of the month or at the end of your billing cycle. In case your internet speed continues to be slow even after the purchase of extra data, you should restart the modem and then log-in again. This will automatically help you to get access to high-speed data and also add the extra purchased data to your account.

Purchase Extra Data Using Smartbytes Airtel
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