Tesla Pi Phone: Features, Price & Latest Updates

Tesla was founded in 2003 by Elon Musk and others with a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Tesla’s main products include electric cars, such as the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y, as well as the upcoming Cybertruck and Tesla Semi. The company also produces energy storage solutions for residential and commercial use, as well as solar panels and solar roofs.

There are some rumors that Tesla is going to launch after hearing the conversation between Elon Musk and Liz wheeler. In response to a tweet from podcaster Liz Wheeler, Musk declared that he would create an ‘Alternative Phone’ if Apple and Google decided to ban Twitter from their app stores. Several of the responses following his tweet encourage him and point out how fantastic that would be.

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What Made People Think Of The Tesla Pi Phone’s Existence?

Elon was reacting to Liz Wheeler, the host of the video podcasts for The Liz Wheeler Show, who opined that Elon Musk could create his smartphone if Apple and Google remove Twitter from their app stores. The prejudiced, snooping iPhone & Android would be cheerfully abandoned by half of the country. A dumb little smartphone ought to be simple for the man who makes rockets to Mars. The short version is that there is no reason to suppose that Musk or any of his firms are now working on smartphone technology, although there is a possibility that he may do so in the future.

Will Elon Launch A Smartphone Or Smartwatch?

Elon once replied to a tweet, ‘Definitely Not’, in response to a tweet. According to Elon smartphones and smartwatches are outmoded technology; neural linkages are the wave of the future. This demonstrates unequivocally that Elon is not considering the creation of any phones or smartwatches. So even though it’s already 2023, this news is still from 2020. Objects, ideas, and thinking all change throughout time.

Several social media reports claim that Tesla, a vehicle company, is launching its first line of satellite phones. The phone is known as the Tesla Pi Phone, and reports suggest that it has some very fascinating capabilities for a mobile device.

People have a lot of questions regarding Elon Musk’s announcement of the Tesla Pi smartphone. The globe has probably been affected by this news. The debate now centers on a location where people are debating switching from their existing phones to the much anticipated ‘Tesla Pi Phone.’ Nevertheless, since it was simply a regular statement from Elon, there is no official word on the matter.

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What Does A Tesla Pi Phone Look Like?

It wasn’t just concept art when early in 2021, designer Antonio De Rosa and his adr studio design lab unveiled a mock-up of what a Tesla Pi Phone would look like. A detailed video for the Tesla smartphone known as the model pi was either released by adr or Tesla and has explained the design of the Tesla Pi phone which looks amazing. Roberto Nickson’s tweet gave a glimpse of the concept of features that could be added to the smartphone Elon can create after his conversation with Lizz Wheeler.

What Features Will The Tesla Pi Phone Accommodate?

  • SpaceX CEO Musk has positive thinking that the technology is specially adapted to space-based transmissions, and that using satellites for mobile phones will function most effectively.
  • The Tesla Model Pi is rumored to contain four cameras, solar charging, and a skin that changes color in a futuristic style, in addition to Starlink satellite communication.
  • It’s possible that Tesla could potentially integrate Starlink technology into their vehicles or other products in the future, but at this time, any rumors or speculation about satellite internet phone features on a Tesla phone are purely speculative and should be taken with a grain of salt until there is an official announcement from the company.
  • A brain-phone interface from Neuralink is reportedly included in the Tesla Pi Phone model. Musk-owned business is creating ultra-high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to link people and computers.
  • The phone will reportedly include a Starlink connection, according to the most prevalent rumor. By definition, that would allow the phone to function on Mars as well and provide connections to people on Earth.
Features Description
Category 5G SmartPhone
Chipset Tesla Processor
Internet Fast Satellite Internet
Charging Solar Charging
USB C Type
Additional Features AI Crypto Mining(MarsCoin), Smart Neural Link Support
Price $800-$1200,i.e, (Rs 65,709) and $1,200 (Rs 98,549)
Cameras 4
RAM 5-16 GB
Display AMOLED Display
Storage 1-2 TB Storage

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Tesla Pi Phone Price & Pre-Orders

The sophisticated technology mentioned below would cost more than a few thousand dollars in a phone. We wouldn’t anticipate the initial generation to be within most people’s pricing range, but subsequent iterations may become more cost-effective as more people begin to use the technology. The phone would probably start relatively basic with only a few of the rumored features, and if it were real (again, we don’t think so), it would likely cost between $800 (Rs 65,709) and $1,200 (Rs 98,549) respectively.

Pre-orders could begin many months before the announcement and the official release. Yet without a release date to go by, we are unsure about when, if ever, Tesla Pi 5G Phone pre-orders will begin. If we find trustworthy information regarding a release, we’ll provide any pertinent links concerning pre-ordering here.


Even if creating smartphones does prove to be as challenging as rocket science, SpaceX, one of the most cutting-edge space companies today, and the first to use reusable rockets that land vertically on the ground, and sea drones are both closely related to Tesla. It won’t be long until we see the Tesla Pi Phone, a gadget that may link us to Mars, or other cutting-edge technology that will enthrall us. So until a formal announcement is made, don’t rely on unsupported rumors.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q) Will Tesla Pi Phone support 5g, 4g, and 3g Network Connections?

Ans: Tesla Pi mobile phone is one of the Newest Mobile phones in the World. This mobile phone Comes with 5G Technology with High-Resolution Display Capacity. It is assumed that it will support 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G network connections.

Q) When will Tesla release the Tesla Pi Smartphone?

Ans: People are asking when the Tesla Phone Pi will be released on Google as soon as they learn that the Tesla Mobile Pi 5G is about to hit the market. Tesla Phone Model Pi 2023 will be released by the end of December 2023. Release may be delayed due to feature upgrades Or company issues.

Q) What is the expected price of the Tesla Pi in India?

Ans: There is no official notice of releasing the cost of this smartphone. But as rumors are spreading it is assumed that the price of the Tesla Pi Smartphone may be starting from Rs 74,093 and up.

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