Steps To Transfer Jio Balance To Another Jio Number

  • Step 1: Install and Open Jio App.
  • Step 2:Click on the option sign up with SIM
  • Step 3: On You Jio Dashboard “Click on Menu option and Select  Voucher option”
  • Step4: Add jio Plan to your Number
  • Step5: After adding voucher now you can transfer Jio benefits with other jio Number

Note:  If you want to transfer Jio balance to other Jio number, you have to additionally recharge your Jio number excluding your   promotional balance, then only you can share the benefits with other jio number.

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Jio Data Plans

1.5GB Daily Data Plan

Plans Validity Data
Rs 1699 365 days 547.5 GB +Unlimited (100/Day)
Rs 399 84 days 126 GB +Unlimited (100/Day)
Rs 149 28 days 42 GB+Unlimited (100/Day)
Rs 349 70 days 105 GB+Unlimited (100/Day)
Rs 449 91 days 136.5 GB+Unlimited (100/Day)

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2 GB Daily Data Plan

Plans Validity Data
Rs 199 28 days 56 GB + Unlimited (100/Day)
Rs 398 70 days 140 GB + Unlimited (100/Day)
Rs 448 84 days 168 GB+ Unlimited (100/Day)
Rs 498 91 days 182 GB+ Unlimited (100/Day)

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3 GB Daily Data Plan

Plans Validity Data
Rs 299 28 days 84 GB+ Unlimited (100/Day)

4 GB Daily Data Plan

Plans Validity Data
Rs 509 28 days 112 GB+ Unlimited (100/Day)

5 GB Daily Data Plan

Plans Validity Data
Rs 799 28 days 140 GB+ Unlimited (100/Day)

Long Term Plans

Plans Validity Data
Rs 999 90 days 60 GB+ Unlimited (100/Day)
Rs 1999 180 days 125GB+ Unlimited (100/Day)
Rs 4999 360 days 350 GB+ Unlimited (100/Day)
Rs 9999 360 days 750 GB+ Unlimited (100/Day)
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