Apple Launches App Bundles To Free Apps And Mac Apps With Subscriptions

Apple Launches App Bundles

Apple is now ready to extend its App Bundles feature to free as well as MAC applications only with a subscription for the first time. For the customers of Apple, the App Bundles is a simple way to purchase 10 apps.

Apple Launches App Bundles To Free Apps And Mac Apps With Subscriptions

As per the announcement of Apple on developer portal, Apple has to be ready now to take the feature one step forward by IOS developers create app bundles for MAC apps, free or paid apps. This gives you offer to access all apps in the bundle along with the subscription. All the Apple users do not need to pay an additional fee to access apps once they subscribe on this.

With the App bundles, people can save their money. The app bundles consist of various app which can be free or can be bought at a discounted price.

The good ability for their developers to offer an App Bundle, which can be available on discounted rate thant customers of Apple wouldn’t get when buying apps individually, it’s such a nice option compare then general.

The policy is to sell their apps in bulk at a discounted price.

For example, App bundles is offering multiple installments of a series to customers with reduction of the price many game lovers and app loves can able to take this advantage because by app bundles they don’t need to pay again and again for install apps in their device.

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All the changes now in effect, so if you consider the App Store frequently and pretty you will probably start by seeing the changes being implemented from their developers in short order and time. This app is an easiest method for users to purchase up to 10 of apps in a single purchase.

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