Apple Will No Longer Disclose Unit Sells Of Macs, iPads And iPhones

Apple Will No Longer Disclose Unit Sells Of Macs, iPads And iPhones

Luca Maestri (chief financial officer of Apple) declared that Apple Company will no longer report how many IPods, iPhone the company sell.  It already follows  for its smaller devices like AirPods, HomePod, and Apple Watch, these all are packed under the category of ‘other products’.

Apple Will No Longer Disclose Unit Sells Of Macs, iPads And iPhones

The sales of iPhone unit %age were not changed year over year (YOY). The financial chief officer told the sales unit is less relevant today than the sales was in last years. He also added that unit sales increases are still a clear and true part of our Apple’s goals.

While unit sales can’t rightly depict the performance of the business, this is a figure which journalists and analysts have just used to calculate the average price of product selling.

During the earnings of the company, Apple said that it would be changed for its reporting structure. The unit of Apple iPhone may not be growing, but it’s a strategy to boost their prices is working. iPhone average selling price has been above $700 since the giant launched iPhone X.

The chief financial officer says that tablet, laptop, and smartphone competitors do not offer figures of unit sales in their earnings records as well.

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It means that the sales of iPhone have peaked and they might be flat to negative YOY. The company will only increase the costs in order to grow revenue.

The even good price of iPhone XS Max, the first iteration of such types of device, and that has proven popular with all Apple fans and also likely to helped and boost its average selling price to all the time high. So that they now may relax because it is good news for all iPhone users who want to buy its accessories from its store on via online store.

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