China Officially Launched The 6G Research

China Officially Launched 6G Research

China has started researching sixth-generation telecoms technology, state media officially reported on last Thursday i.e. 7th of November’2019. It described this move as aiming to promote the latest wireless innovation.

China Officially Launched The 6G Research

Shanghai – on Thursday, state media officially reported that China has started researching sixth-generation telecoms technology aiming to promote 6G.

In a “kick-off” meeting, this week the Chinese government ministries and research institutes met. A national 6G technology research and development group was established. This was reported by the Science and Technology Daily, published by China’s Ministry of Science and Technology. Vice-minister Wang Xi of Ministry of Science and Technology has said that 6G is still in the foetus stage the country must attach a lot of importance to the 6G technology. It also said that two working group will be set up to carry out the task. One group will consist of a suitable Government department responsible for the research and development of how 6G will be carried out. The other team will consist of 37 universities, research institutes and enterprises that will look to the technical side of the 6G and offer advice.

It is very clear that 5G is still in its infancy as most people around the world are still on the 4G network.

In recent months, a key conflict point between the United States and China is the technologies related to ultra-fast mobile services.

There is already a rat race among countries to roll out 5G next-generation wireless network. This can provide a data speed which is 20 times faster than 4G. it promises to support new technologies such as self-driven cars and much other augmented reality. While there is a lot of excitement surrounding 5G, it is still uncleared what kind of impact 5G will have on industries and consumers other than fast faster download speed.

Meanwhile, 6G is still a long way to go. Although Vice-minister Wang Xi of the Ministry of Science and Technology said that 6G is in the initial stage the technical route is not clear and key indicators and application scenario has not been decided and define.

In April 2019, Reuter published a report in which it stated that South Korean officials have declared a victory over the United States and China. The reason for this is that South Korea declared its country to be the site of the world’s first commercial launch of a 5G telecoms network.

South Korea made its assertion on the basis that the new network will be connected to an actual 5G phone. However, United States carriers refused to accept South Korea’s claim to be the first country to do so. China’s Huawei Technologies is also not behind. Being the world’s largest telecom equipment vendor, it is involved in building many of these networks.

The United State government has blacklisted Huawei in May 2019, fearing that Huawei’s equipment’s can be used by China for spying. The company used to buy American made parts. The United States government had further led a campaign and had convinced its allies to stop Huawei from their 5G networks, though it did not agree to do so many times.

Still, China is pushing on very stubbornly with 6G as it understands that technology is of great importance in the future.

In February, U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted that he wanted 6G technology in his country as soon as possible. He urges the U.S. firms to surge forward with their effort or get left behind.

The move to kick start research work on 6G came up within a few days of rolling out 5G mobile phone services to the country.

Originally China had plans to launch the super fast mobile internet services with in the first few months next year. However, after the conflicts with the United States, they have geared up their research work and are all set to launch it at the end of this year.

Vice-minister Wang Xi of Ministry of Science and Technology has said that in the current critical period of national development, the nation must attach great importance of the 6G development, coordinate its planning, efficiently promote it and be ready for more innovation in this area.

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