Facebook “This Content Isn’t Available Right Now” Usually Because Of The Owner


Whenever we see a good post, we think of sharing it with our acquaintances on Facebook to make them feel good and positive. But what will happen if they are unable to see the post that we have shared? It might have happened to you as well when somebody shared a post with you but you are unable to see it. After clicking on the link all you see is ”This Content Isn’t Available Right Now When This Happens It’s Usually Because Of The Owner’s Error. When this happens it’s usually because the owner might have blocked you, deactivated his/her account, deleted the content, etc. It can be a little annoying, that’s why we are here to serve your queries and help you out to get rid of this situation with ease. Go through the context of this article thoroughly to learn every aspect of this error.

Facebook "This Content Isn't Available Right Now" Usually Because Of The Owner

Reasons For ‘This Content Isn’t Available Right Now When This Happens It’s Usually Because Of The Owner

Reason 1: Content Might Get Deleted

The most common reason which leads to this issue is that the owner might have deleted the content from their end. Once the content gets deleted by the owner, there’s no way you can recover the content shared by you. You are left with one thing and i.e. search if the owner has genuinely deleted the post or not.

Reason 2: Content Got Deleted By Facebook

You won’t be able to view the shared post because of the owner if Facebook itself has deleted the content. If Facebook is deleting certain content, then there might be some specific reason such as the owner might have violated the policies (Content posted against the standard of the community falling into numerous categories like criminal behavior and violence, objectionable posts, and safety).If you are unable to view your content itself, then you should understand that your post is violating the policies of Facebook and that’s why Facebook has deleted your shared content. If the extent of the violation is exceeding, Facebook can even delete the account. Before Facebook deletes your post, you’ll get a policy violation error if you try to see your post. For the latter situation, the profile of the user will become unavailable.

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Reason 3: Owner Has Blocked You

If the content owner has blocked your friend or you itself, then the content won’t be available to your friend or you. If you’ll block anyone on Facebook, they cannot see any of your comments or post on their timeline. In the same way, their comments, and the post will be hidden from your feed.

Reason 4: Content Owner Has Restricted You From Seeing Certain Post

If the content owner blocks or restricts you to check out a particular post from their feed, then you might see an error message saying ‘this content isn’t available right now when this happens it’s usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people & then changed who can see it or it’s been deleted forever. You are not being completely blocked by the content owner, they have just restricted you to see a specific post by changing their content privacy settings.

Reason 5: Owner Has Logged Out Of Their Facebook Account

If the owner has logged out from their Facebook account, then they’ll see an error code ‘this content isn’t available right now’. In such cases, the person needs to log in to their account after visiting the Login homepage of Facebook. If it’s not working out, remove the cache of the browser and check if you are still logged in to your account, and try to see the hidden content again.

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Reason 6: Location/ Age Restriction

If the shared post is restricted due to age limit or location, you’ll see an error message ‘This content isn’t available right now on Facebook. If the post is restricted across the country, use VPN and then log in to your account and see the post.

Reason 7: Error From The Facebook Side

The most unlikely cause for the error is ‘this content isn’t available on Facebook’. If the technical error persists from the Facebook side, then nobody can access any post.

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If you’re facing this issue ‘This Content Isn’t Available Right Now When This Happens It’s Usually Because Of The Owner’s Error’ on Facebook, the possible reasons explained in this article might be the prominent reasons. Try not to indulge into it & view the content once the issue is sorted out seamlessly.

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