Convenient Way to Turn PPT EXL And JPG To PDF

Convenient Way to Turn PPT, EXL, and JPG to PDF

If you’re looking for a faster and more convenient way to convert your documents into a Portable Document Format or PDF file, you might need the help of an online converter. That said, PDFBear is one of the most popular web-based services available in the market to help you do such conversion tasks.

Convenient Way to Turn PPT EXL And JPG To PDF

Whether you want to transform your PowerPoint Presentations into easy-to-read PDFs or Convert your JPG images into a shareable document format, PDFBear has something for you. With your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, you can access this platform through major search engines. You may use Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and more to operate this online converter.

As long as you have an internet connection, you can enjoy the good deals of PDFBear, anytime and anywhere. Now, let’s look at some tools and services offered by this online tool.

PPT To PDF Conversion

Are you looking for a perfect buddy to convert PPT to PDF in just seconds? If so, PDFBear might be the one you’re searching for. This online PDF tool offers various conversion services that will let you turn other document formats into email-ready PDFs and vice versa.

This converter can change your MS PowerPoint Presentation format into a PDF file in just a brief moment, and you may send it via email without a hassle. To start the conversion process, get the PPT document you want to change into a PDF file and upload it to PDFBear’s portal.

In less than a minute, the system will transform your document, and you may watch the process-bar while converting your paper. Once the transformation is all done, you can modify or edit your document. When everything is all set, tap the “Download” button so that you can keep a copy of your converted file on your device.

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet To PDF Conversion

One of the easiest ways to input information is by using Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. Through this document format, you may insert charts, tables, and graphs to illustrate essential data necessary for your school paper or work presentation. However, there may come a time that you will encounter some issues when sharing your Excel file via the internet because of its large file size.

When this happens, you may convert it into a PDF file to be easier to send via email. This conversion process may sound a bit intimidating, but it can be more convenient and fast through the help of PDFBear.

This online platform provides an efficient way to convert your files using the latest technology available in the market. Plus, it is supported by cloud technology to make sure you’ll always get an output with the highest quality possible and assure you that your files are safe during conversion.

When you convert your Excel file into an email-ready PDF through PDFBear, the first thing you should do is to get the document from your device and upload it to the system. Second, select the option available to move forward. Next, hit the “Convert” button to start the conversion process. Please wait for a few seconds until the transformation is done and download it to your computer to keep a copy.

JPG Format To PDF Conversion

Most people use JPG format to save their photos and other images on their devices. However, a lot of them convert JPG files into PDFs when sending their files via email. Since this image document format contains a large file size, it may take some time to share it across the web.

For this reason, users will have to change the format of their JPG documents into another form of paper, such as PDF, before sending them through electronic mail. With that said, PDFBear is one of the online converters out there that can help you with your conversion task. This online platform is for free, and you can access it through all kinds of computer operating systems, including all Windows versions, iOS, and Mac.

In transforming your JPG documents into high-quality PDFs, all you need is to drag the file from your computer to the conversion portal of PDFBear. After that, choose the option and proceed to the next step. From there, tap the convert key to start the conversion process. Once the transformation is completed, you can download the newly converted PDF to your desktop and share it to your online storage box.


There may be much software out there to help you convert your files into high-quality PDFs, but PDFBear can make it happen in just four easy steps. The conversion services mentioned above are just some good things you can do with this platform, and you can discover more when you visit their site and check out some of its great deals and offers.

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