Create Cancellation And Renewal Of Avast Account

Create Cancellation and Renewal of Avast Account

Avast Account is a specific kind of portal which is required for managing the paid Avast subscriptions and also allows the users to access and control their Android devices via the remote mode using the Anti-Theft feature in Avast Mobile Security.

Create Cancellation And Renewal Of Avast Account

Steps To Create Avast Account

Step 1:Users need to visit this link for creating an Avast account.

Step 2: Next step is to click on the option ‘ Create an account ‘ and filling the relevant details for creating the account.

Step 3:Besides, users can also use the other two options, i.e, ‘ Continue with Google or Facebook to create an Avast account on an immediate basis.

However, after creating an Avast account users can either use the same email address to purchase the subscription or can also add the different or new email address to purchase the subscription. Also, after creating an Avast account users wish to cancel the subscription and thus here’s a proper set of instructions which users can follow to cancel the Avas subscription via the ‘ Avast Account ‘ or ‘ ‘ Order Portal ‘ respectively.

Cancellation of Avast subscription via the Avast account

Step 1: Users need to ‘ Sign in ‘ into the Avast account via the specific link which is mentioned below here.

Sign In Avast Account
Sign In Avast Account

Step 2: Now choose the relevant subscriptions tile.

Step 3: Select the option ‘ Unsubscribe ‘ under the particular subscription which you are willing to cancel.

Step 4: Click on the option ‘ Unsubscribe ‘ from the future renewals.

Step 5: Tap on the option ‘ Confirm ‘.

Step 6: Users will now be unsubscribed from Avast Premium Security ( Multi-Device ) and this message will be displayed on the screen. Also, this process could take up to 24 hrs of time.

Step 7: Alongside with this message, below ‘ Got it ‘ option would be seen on the screen and users need to click on it.

Step 8:The unsubscribing process of subscription is still under the process.

Step 9:The status of the Avast subscription changes from ‘ Unsubscribe ‘ to ‘ Expired ‘ after this process is completed.

Step 10: The Avast subscription is now cancelled and further confirmation regarding the same is sent through the email.

However, if this method doesn’t work out then users can also opt for cancelling the subscription via the online portal.

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Cancellation of Avast subscription Via Online Portal

This method is said to be used when users have bought the subscription via

Avast antivirus from the Digital River.

Step 1: Open the ‘ Digital River Portal ‘

Step 2: ‘ Log in ‘ using the relevant details such as Avast order number and password.

Step 3:  After logging into the Avast account now click on the option ‘ manage subscriptions ‘.

Step 4: Visit the auto-renewal page.

Step 5: Now tap of the button to switch from on to off.

Step 6: Now select the option ‘ Disable Automatic Renewal ‘ for the final confirmation.

So after the completion of this final step, the subscription of the Avast account will be disabled and users can opt for another security plan after the previous plan gets expired.

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Renew Avast Plan from dashboard

Step 1: ‘ Log in ‘ into the Avast account from the Avast dashboard via entering the relevant credentials required for logging into the account through the PC or laptop.

Step 2: Now click on the subscription window and further select the subscription button.

Step 3: Further activate my account button will be displayed on the screen and users need to select this particular option.

Step 4: Now follow the on-screen wizards for renewing the subscription plan.

However, depending on the preferences users can also ask for a refund after cancelling their subscription and the process for asking a refund is quite simple and easy.

How To Opt For Avast Refund?

Users can ask for the refund process after the 30 days and there’s also the possibility that some Avast plans won’t deliver back the refund.

Step 1: Check the status of the Avast plan.

Step 2: Visit the Avast support.

Step 3: Now enter the relevant details such as name, order number and reason for the refund.

Step 4: Now recheck the form and click on the submit button.

After completing all these steps wait for a while as Avast team will further verify all the details and then will start the refund procedure.

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