Facebook Plans To Launch Its Own Internet Satellite By 2019

Facebook Own Internet Satellite

The Social media Giant Facebook Plans to its own Internet satellite by 2019. According to wired  Facebook wants to launch Athena, its very own internet satellite, the new device is designed to provide broadband access to low reserved area around the world.  Facebook joins the list with SpaceX and OneWeb to have already have its own satellite .

Facebook Plans To Launch Its Own Internet Satellite By 2019

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Facebook to launch own internet satellite around 2019
Facebook satellite in 2019
  • Recently SpaceX aims to put nearly 12,000 Starlinks into low Earth orbit (LEO), to deliver gigabit-speed Internet to most of the Earth’s surface.
  • Softback backed OneWeb is also working on the similar project with the global coverage using perhaps 2,500 LEO satellites.
  • Main point of view Facebook Athena is also LEO  (Low Earth Orbit) According to Spectrum Athena weight is Around (150 kg) as SpaceX and OneWeb’s satellites
  • Advantage over Athena will use high-frequency millimeter-wave radio signals that promise much faster data rates.
  • Space companies has to file Application and get the permission from FCC before building satellites and its ground station.


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