5 Simple Ways To Find Windows Product Key

Find Windows Product Key

This article will resolve the error of‘wmic path software licensing service get oa3xoriginalproductkey ’and will help you to find the product key of Windows 10 using ‘PowerShell/Command prompt’ from registry, BIOS, or UEFI.

5 Simple Ways To Find Windows Product Key

When the user registers, enters, or activates the Windows copy by a retail key, the information gets saved in the Windows Registry. OEM computers have stopped pasting the authenticity certificate stickers that used to show the product key as it now got embedded into UEFI/BIOS. The licensing terms and conditions of the Microsoft Windows desktop have tied the license of retail products to the user with an OEM product key.

The upcoming sections of this article will let you know to find out the lost windows key without facing the error of ‘wmic path software licensing service get oa3xoriginalproductkey’.

Locations To Search For Windows Product Key

  1. Computer Software: During the Windows installation, the product key gets stored in the Registry. The user can extract and enter it during the Windows reinstallation. Before the reinstallation, it is necessary to extract it from the OS or else it might get deleted after formatting the hard drive.
  1. System locked pre-installation: Computers with the ‘system locked pre-installations’ have a product key kept in ‘Registry and user application display’ that is red herring. Though it varies with the required computer real key present on the computer authenticity certificate sticker.
  2. UEFI firmware: Newly manufactured computers with the installation of Windows 8/10 use a new way to store the product key in UEFI firmware/BIOS. Reinstallation of the Windows version in the computer will automatically activate the key. You can work without entering it.

Method 1: ‘Command prompt’ to search for the product key

  1. Open the ‘command prompt’ from the Windows 10 ‘WinX Menu’.
  2. Write the command ‘wmic pathsoftwarelicensings’.
  3. Press ‘Enter’.
  4. It displays the Windows product key.

Method 2: ‘PowerShell’ to search for License key

  1. Open the ‘PowerShell’ along with administrative rights.
  2. Write the command powershell “( Get –WmiObject –
  3. Press ‘Enter’.
  4. It displays the License key.

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Method 3: ‘ Authenticity certificate sticker’ to  read the product key

Computers installed with Windows 7-era have only one product key. It does not permit the user to use the key for Windows installation due to ‘System Locked Pre-installation’  users see an error of ‘Invalid Key’.
An Authenticity certificate not only verifies the computer but has a printed product key.  This key will help to reinstall the Windows. SLP key varies from the computer key present in the software.

  1. Examine the computer/ laptop carefully.  It might be present on the bottom of your laptop or underneath the battery.
  2. In computers, it may be on either side of the desktop case. Check on each side of your computer.
  3. Contact the manufacturer of your computer if the keys get erased. If you are still unable to get it, Microsoft will provide you with another product key.

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Method 4: NirSoft’s ProduKey

Access the Windows product key using ‘NirSoft’s ProduKey’, a third-party utility. It is useful and free from crapware. The antivirus software may detect it as a virus because malware tries to steal the product key.

Way 1: Download the ‘ProduKey’. After unzipping it, look at your product keys.

Way 2: To recover it from a non-working PC, insert its hard drive into a working computer.  Run ‘ProduKey’. Go to Files > Choose Source to direct towards the external windows directory.  Grab the product keys.

Way 3: Use ‘Linux Live CD’ to shift the product key of the non-working computer through a thumb drive. You can even take the registry files as per your need.

Method 5: Product key search with no software

  1. Create a VBScript to read out the product key value from the registry which further gets translated to a required format for the reinstallation of the Windows.
  2. After you create the VBscript, go to ‘File > Save AS’.  Change ‘Save as type’ into ‘All Files’. Name it ‘productkey.vbs. Save it on the desktop.
  3. After saving it, click twice and a popup window displays the product key.


Now you have learned the solutions to find out the lost windows key which will help to avoid the error of ‘wmic path softwarelicensingservice gets oa3xoriginalproductkey’ successfully. These solutions are tried and tested. It will help you to easily resolve the issues of lost product keys either from a working or a non-working computer. If you have any doubt, contact us freely in the given comment box and we will sort it out very soon.

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