Fitbit Secretly Developing Kids Smartwatch With 4G Connectivity

Fitbit Secretly Developing Kids Smartwatch

Fitbit Smartwatch giant is currently working on  Kids Smartwatch which will have 4G connectivity, the focus of this watch will be completely towards children.

Fitbit Secretly Developing Kids Smartwatch With 4G Connectivity

According To  Engadget Source“Fitbit will launch a kids smartwatch with 4G connectivity later this year and to do so, it has acquired Doki Technologies”.

Doki Technologies was acquired by Fitbit before the Google deal was announced, Doki Technologies hong kong-based startup was popular for creating smart IoT devices for children to create seamless connectivity between parents and children.

The advantage to acquired Doki Technologies as the company has already developed a self-built platform, which already offers various safety features like tracking features, video calling, messaging and voice calling via mobile app


Currently, there is very less information but if the news is true according to Selectyourdeals this Fitbit move into the kids market will be a great decision as competition is very less and Fitbit has a better brand name as compared to others.

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